Back to School (And Bed)

Somewhere between Lockdown Level 4C and 2BBB, we completely lost the routine plot. Our kids’ bedtimes slipped later and later, dinner times too, bath times became very optional and screens began to sneak into every in-between moment. Back to school (And Bed)

I’d fostered high hopes I’d suddenly take to homeschooling my kids, or discover some latent passion for artisanal sourdough bread baking, or suddenly become an organized person, but alas, I’m just who I was at the start of Level 5, except, now with little kids who go to bed at the same time I do.

With all the unexpected changes to the schooling year, it’s hardly surprising so many of us parents are finding it difficult to muster the energy to bounce back into hard and fast boundaries and early bedtimes.

Still, routines and a sense of consistency are very important in young children’s lives – knowing what to expect helps them to feel safe and secure.

Add to this the very real benefits of sleep, and you’ll soon begin to agree that getting back to an earlier bedtime and normal routine is vital – for our kid’s well-being as well as for our own.

So as our kids all head back to school here’s how to get back to reasonable bedtimes too (according to the experts)

  • Make family mealtimes a priority. As often as you can, get your family to sit down for meals together. Also, make sure you set a time for these too.
  • Get Moving. One of the best things you can do for your kids’ health is to show them that staying active is a normal, healthy part of everyday life. This will help them (and you) to sleep better too. Try to schedule a set time when your whole family moves together.
  • Limit late screens. If your little one’s battle to fall asleep, make sure they’re not looking at any screens for at least 90 minutes before their bedtime,.
  • Start slowly by getting kids to bed 10 minutes earlier each night until you reach their ideal bedtime. Younger kids can make a chart that lets them track their progress.
  • Older kids may be more likely to cooperate if you set an example and stick to an early bedtime for yourself.

Good luck, and good night!

Have you got any tips that helped you and your family get back into routine? Comment below to share with us and other MUMs

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