Did you know that 1 in 4 women will experience bladder weakness at some point in their life?

Did you know that urinary incontinence (bladder weakness) is as common as hay fever or grey hair?

In fact, 1 in 4 women will experience bladder weakness at some point in their life. Common causes of incontinence include obesity, urinary tract infections, medications, menopause, pregnancy, diabetes, or stroke to name a few.

The three main types of incontinence are:

  • Stress incontinence: When we laugh, jump, cough or lift something heavy – the increased pressure on the bladder, results in the pelvic floor muscles not being able to tighten enough to keep all the urine in.
  • Urge Incontinence: Urge incontinence is a sudden and pressing need to urinate, leading to leaks. This is caused by the bladder contracting when it shouldn’t, causing urine to leak through the muscles holding it closed.
  • Mixed incontinence: A combination of stress and urge incontinence. However, you may probably notice that only one of them is prominent.

Depending on the type of incontinence you may experience, the amount of urine leakage can vary greatly, but in some cases, it’s just a few drops. Nevertheless, even the smallest amount of leakage can be enough to cause worry and discomfort. That’s why it’s important to choose a form of protection that’s both effective and discreet.

Many women use regular sanitary pads to deal with bladder weakness – but there’s a big difference between blood and urine – so using sanitary pads is not the best thing. Period pads are not built to deal with urine – menstrual blood is heavier and comes out more slowly, while urine is more fluid and comes out in larger quantities.

So, you need a product that is designed for more rapid absorption as well as the elimination of odour.

Introducing the TENA Lady range for women.

TENA offers a range of discreet, secure, and feminine incontinence (bladder weakness) protection for women.

Discover TENA´s broad range of incredible protection for small urine leaks up to large leaks – all specially designed for women.

The incontinence liners and pads are ideal when experiencing those unpredictable urine leaks when exercising, laughing, or just going about your everyday life. TENA Lady liners and pads are designed with the female body in mind and come in different absorbency levels to best meet your needs, all with odour control.

They all have fast absorption and quickly lock in urine leaks deep inside the pad, away from the skin for a dry, fresh and comfortable feeling. The trusted incontinence liners and pads for women from TENA are the perfect everyday choice for any woman with bladder weakness.

Go about your life as usual without worrying about those urine leaks that can be so unpredictable.

We’re sending the TENA Lady Slim Ultra Mini liner and TENA Lady Slim Normal pad to selected mumbox members who matched our opt-in survey. Keep an eye out for their reviews and rating over the next few weeks.

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56 thoughts on “Did you know that 1 in 4 women will experience bladder weakness at some point in their life?

  1. [email protected] says:

    My mom suffered from this for the longest time after she got diagnosed with hypertension and i remember how it was a struggle to get adult diapers that would be a good fit. Someone introduced Tena to us and to be honest it became way better.

    • Lauren says:

      #mumbox #TENA #Confidence
      I used it for a day and OMG it’s as comfortable as silk. I had seen this product before but never knew it..
      #Confidence regained ..

  2. Maurine says:

    I broke my neck in a car accident. I do use tablets for my bladder but I still have a problem with leakage and the normal pads do not work sufficient. I experience skin rashes. I would love to try some thing that works.

  3. Thuli says:

    This is such perfect timing, my friend and I were talking about pantyliners that just don’t do the job and we are in the search of something that actually works. I hope we have found it, we both have 3 kids each so I can relate to most of the women here.

  4. Phozisa says:

    Good day, i experience leakage and I thought i’m the one with problem, I currently relying on normal penty liners and they don’t do that much difference . I would like to try this product.

  5. Camilah says:

    I have a prolapsed bladder and uterus, and it is extremely uncomfortable. I am now experiencing sores and skin rashes due to being damp all the time. Period pads definitely do not work anymore.

    • gloriamwelase9 says:

      I’m the 1 in 4 woman’s experiencing the weakness of bladder especially when im coughing and snizzing.
      Thank you Mombox for the article 🙏👌

  6. Bonita says:

    Good morning. I know this condition. It’s so debilitating! You lose self confidence and can hide away. Normal pads do not work. Waiting for an operation …

  7. Mapula says:

    I do experience leakage from time to time especially when I am having those stressful day….Even when laughing. I would love to experience the protection og ladyTena
    #mumbox #TENA #Confidence #TENALadySlim

  8. Mrs says:

    Hi. Had an hysterectomy done in 2016 since then my bladder has dropped and passing our urine is a continuous ☹️cannot cough laugh and whenever I sneeze urine comes out☹️I’m very very bad. Thank you🙏😍😘I am the 1 of the 14😪🖐

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