Do you suffer from bladder weakness & are you using the right product? (Sponsored by TENA)

Did you know that urinary incontinence (bladder weakness) is as common as hay fever or grey hair? In fact, 1 in 4 women will experience bladder weakness at some point in their life.

Common causes of incontinence include obesity, urinary tract infections, medications, menopause, pregnancy, diabetes, or stroke to name a few.

What are the signs and symptoms of bladder control problems?

• leaking urine during everyday activities, such as lifting, bending, coughing, or exercising
• feeling a sudden, strong urge to urinate right away
• leaking urine without any warning or urge
• being unable to reach a toilet in time
• wetting your bed during sleep

Many women use regular sanitary pads to deal with incontinence/bladder weakness. However, there’s a big difference between blood and urine, so using sanitary pads for incontinence is not the best thing.

Menstrual blood is heavier and comes out more slowly, while urine is more fluid and comes out in larger quantities, which means that a product that is designed for more rapid absorbency is needed to keep you adequately protected from bladder weakness.

TENA incontinence products in the TENA Lady range are developed specifically to tackle the unique properties of urine.  They absorb leaks at an impressive speed, pull moisture away from the body and trap the odour inside of the core.

And unlike some feminine hygiene products that contain deodorants, their pH absorbent materials do more than just mask the odour – they help neutralise it.

At TENA, their aim is to enable you to live your best life.

That’s why they continuously research and develop new techniques and products for you to manage your incontinence better.

Their products are impeccable in absorbing and locking away urine and yet they’re so discreet that you can wear whatever you want – while TENA does the job to protect you securely against leaks.

All products in the TENA Lady range are developed so that you can stay confident and secure every day, in all situations.

TENA Lady products give you Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture – helping you stay dry, secure and confident day or night.

TENA Lady products have the following properties:

Keeps you dry: TENA Lady products are carefully designed to keep you dry. The surface inlet zone draws moisture away quickly and efficiently, then locks it deep inside the layers.
Controls odour: All TENA Lady products have unique active micro fresh pearls that lock in urine, reducing the ammonia which causes the development of odour.
• Secure design: TENA Lady products are designed with the shape of the female body in mind, for a secure and comfortable fit. Our wide range offers advanced protection for all needs, from the lightest liners to protective underwear, helping women feel secure.


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Mums, do you have bladder weakness/incontinence or any of the above symptoms?

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  1. tsagae79poppy says:

    My goodness, I have been struggling for a long time, I can’t do a skipping rope or any exercise that I have to jump😭I would really like to try them.

  2. Zama Khumalo says:

    I enjoyed the Tena discreet products and was not sure how well it would work because I hadn’t heard of the product before. It provided amazing protection for those Lil accidents.
    The quality is truly amazing. I am really impressed

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    This has been thee best product I have tried and test. I am happy with it to a point that I no longer use any panty liners but Tina. They don’t leave my lady irritated and burning like any other pantliner. For any women who has not tried Tina Lady Range, please do, you won’t regret it. They are

  4. pulanemotsei4 says:

    Have some of this symptoms and I always used normal pads or pantyliners which didn’t help,until I tested the tena pantyliners which I love so much and has been buying them ever since

  5. thembitshuma84 says:

    I usually suffer from heavy flow during menstruation and sometimes it’s clots maybe for 3 days of my circle what could be the cause and severe period pain

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