Easy Summer Crafts For Kids [Sponsored by OMO]

The summer holidays are perfect for trying out some easy summer crafts for kids. Kids look forward to the summer holidays so much, but how can you keep them occupied for six weeks straight?

Why not try some of these easy summer crafts for kids and give your little ones something to really look forward to during their extended break from the classroom. Letting your kids get crafty outdoors is a great way to save on the mess inside while still allowing them to unleash their creativity and get a little dirty.

These summer crafts are simple to do and can double up as fun outdoor games for kids.

For the following summer crafts for children, all you need is paper plates, paint, paintbrushes, kitchen roll tubes, coloured tape, sticky tape, scissors, coloured markers, balloons, and plastic rulers or wooden lolly sticks.

3 summer crafts ideas for kids

Remember: before you start any summer craft activities for kids you should read all instructions and supervise kids at all times, especially when using craft supplies such as scissors.

1. Paper plate hoopla

Hoopla ­– where the aim is to throw hoops over a target – has been a traditional game played at fetes and fairgrounds for many years, and now you can bring it to your very own garden!

To create the base for your game of hoopla, turn a paper plate upside down and stick a kitchen roll to the middle of the plate using sticky tape. You only need one base but you can create multiple ones to expand the game. Next, cut out the middles of six paper plates so you’re left with hoop shapes (this should be done by an adult) – you can make more than six hoops, depending on how many players you have. Put down some newspaper and let your kids paint the hoops with different coloured paints.

Once the hoops are dry, your kids can start playing. To give your kids more of a challenge, get them to increase their distance from the base after each throw. Each time a child manages to get a hoop over the kitchen roll base, they win a point. Have prizes on hand to give out at the end.

2. Giant noughts and crosses

Simple to create and easy to pack in your suitcase, giant noughts and crosses is a great summer craft to create and play with kids. Turn the plates upside down and with a thick coloured marker, draw noughts and crosses on them. You’ll need five noughts and five crosses. Make a grid on the grass or patio using coloured tape (often called washi tape, you can purchase this in craft shops) and then you’re ready to play!

3. Paper plate bat and ball

Another summer craft for kids made using paper plates, this homemade bat and ball can also be packed in your suitcase and assembled when you arrive at your holiday destination.

Get your kids to decorate a paper plate using paint or coloured pens. Once dry, tape a wooden lolly stick or plastic ruler to the back of the paper plate – you now have a child-friendly bat. Blow up a balloon to be your ball and start playing by seeing how far your child can hit the balloon ball with their paper bat or how long a group of kids can keep the balloon ball in the air for.

This game combined with paper plate hoopla and giant noughts and crosses makes the perfect trio of summer holiday craft activities to keep kids entertained, and are great for play dates or kids’ parties too.

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