Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Hacks

Tired of buying reams of gift paper and wrestling with sticky tape and trying to be more planet-friendly these holidays?

Here are some great ways to cut out the gift wrapping stress, time, and waste this year.

*Did you know: “Consumers in the UK will use 365321km of wrapping paper each year and this will just end up in our bins. All of this wrapping paper creates a need for a lot of sellotape as well – with some estimates putting this at around 40 million rolls! (*Source)

1. Recycle old newspapers

Using what you already have around the house is a handy, inexpensive, and sustainable gift wrapping option. But if using newspaper is just too far a step from the festivities for you, consider buying that plain brown paper to wrap all your gifts. Not only is it far less expensive, but it’s also far more recyclable too.

Either way, add a big red bow to add some extra festive flair. Then after it’s been untied, recycle the ribbon by using it to lasso your children or partner toward their chore lists…


2. Instead of actual gift bags, use reusable grocery bags

Finally – a gift bag that really keeps on giving… it’s a gift within a gift! A two-in-one! If this is still a step too far from the gift aisle for your liking, consider a simple tote bag perhaps. Personally, I’d be happy to just get this for Christmas – no gift inside required!


3. Say ‘furoshiki’

This is the Japanese term to describe an ancient way of using any piece of fabric to wrap up gifts without the need for a stitch of sticky tape, paper, or ribbon! Think of it as paper origami, but with fabric. With a huge variety of different techniques and ways to tie it all together, the end results are truly beautiful, fresh, and functional too.


4. Opt for all-natural accessories

Glam up any festive gift by adding a small sprig from a Christmas tree, or tie a little pine cone or mini wreath using twine or string.


5. Save your boxes

All the shapes and sizes, even empty loo rolls, can come in handy to box awkwardly shaped gifts before wrapping. To turn a loo roll into a nifty little gift box, simply fold both ends of the roll in on itself like this:


6. Say goodbye to sticky tape

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to wrap your presents without using any sticky tape! Let this guy show you how.


That’s a wrap from us. Any extra wrapping tips you can add mums?

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11 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Hacks

  1. Chantal H. says:

    love all these cool ideas … I did the recycling paper as well as new paper.. I guess nobody like the Idea and rewrapped their gifts they got. My feelings were hurt seems they dont know about the 3 R’s reuse, reduce & recycled

  2. Whitney B. says:

    Love it!! Definitely trying this as my 8 year old daughter is huge on recycling and covid beat my pockets this year. So we’ll both be very happy. I’ll start practicing in time to get it perfect!!

  3. Nicole H. says:

    Great ideas…definitely going to try the all natural with nature idea as gift trimmings.. my kids are going to love it…especially since “santa” brought their gifts all the way from the forest in the north pole 😁