Funny Things Kids Say

Kids really do say the funniest things, and no one knows that better than parents. Whether it’s a reason why they shouldn’t eat their vegetables or something they heard somewhere else, funny things kids say is one of the joys the brings to our lives.

We decided to create this article because one of our mums at mumbox is a step mum and she always shares stories about the things her stepkids say, so we have found a video clip where parents have shared their moments and some hilarious quotes from other moms found on the website what to expect:

“My favorite color is ice-cream” – Anonymous, 7 years old

“I’m gonna miss my life when I’m a grown-up.” – Mina, 7 years old

“I don’t know why I’m mad. Let me ask my mom.” – Anonymous, 5 years old

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What are some of the things your little ones have said MUMs?

Comment below and share the laughs.

2 thoughts on “Funny Things Kids Say

  1. Kasturi says:

    This was a few years back but i’ll never forget it . My hubby told my daughter , now 11, that we will have another baby and she said she knows how babies are made. We asked her how and she replied by saying that babies are made through having sex , which is soo ewwww and to think that you guys actually did that twice!!!.- referring to herself and her brother, All with a straight face.

  2. Pamela says:

    Me: Siya(10 years old) please clean your room and brush your teeth before you go and watch tv.

    Siya: Yoo every time I want to watch tv I have to work hard

    Me: 🤔🙄

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