Happy Mums Day [May Newsletter]

Happy May and happy Mums day to all our amazing mumbox members for the 9th of May.

We would love to make 10 mums have the best ‘mums day’, so we’re giving away a total of R10 000 on Wednesday 5th of May 2021, read more further below.

As mums, the thought of our child developing a serious illness is one of our worst nightmares. Sadly, millions of mothers and children around the world go through the pain of dealing with life-threatening illnesses every day.

DKMS (formally known as The Sunflower Fund) is a charity that is helping to save the lives of children with leukemia and other blood disorders.



Our 4 takealot voucher winners from April are:

  1. Karishma Naidoo
  2. Tara Van Dyk
  3. Kgodiso Sejaphala
  4. Julie Larken

Congrats mums – we will be in touch via email with your vouchers – happy shopping!

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Our exclusive mum chat page is really getting some amazing questions and advice – thank you to all the mums who have shared their advice with other mums.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the new page CLICK HERE now to read more.


As mums we do so much for our children and our family – and we wouldn’t have it any other way because we love them. This is why we would like to do something for 10 mumbox members this mums day!

We will be giving away a total of R10 000 to 10 mumbox members (R1000 each).

To stand a chance of winning your share comment below and tell us what you would do with R1000 to spoil yourself this mums day.

The final 10 winners will be announced and posted in this article on Wednesday, 5th of May 2021 at 4pm.

(Competition T&C: This competition is only open to mumbox members. If you are not a mumbox member you need to join first then comment and enter on this article. There will be 10 mumbox members selected who will each win R1000. The winning members will be announced and posted in this article at exactly 4pm on Wednesday the 5th of May 2021. The judge’s decision is final. The 10 winners will then be emailed for their banking details and the prize money will be transferred the next day before midday if banking details are received by 11am on Thursday the 6th of May 2021. If details are received after 11am the payment will be done the following day)

On our own, we can get by. Together, we’re unstoppable. 

Have a wonderful month ahead mums,

Chat soon x


Thank you to all the mums who commented, we wish we could you all R1000 but we only have 10 winners today, but please keep a lookout for more giveaways each month if you didn’t win today.

Our 10 winners are below and these are their profile user names for mumbox. Congrats mums – we will be in touch with you via your profile email address so please keep a lookout and reply as soon as you can:

  1. thabisa mdaniso matanzima
  2. chantesashaleeoliver
  3. raeesa101
  4. siliziwe
  5. whitneykellybrown
  6. loveitha
  7. findotebogo
  8. gugusimelane5
  9. leeangcabashe
  10. faroolkitten1
  11. popimahlangu

650 thoughts on “Happy Mums Day [May Newsletter]

  1. Felicia says:

    I will use the money to book for maternity photoshoot and Spa day just to get that Mani, Pedi and shoulder massage to celebrate 8 months of my pregnancy and getting ready to deliver my bundle of joy. Just a small spoil before the sleepless nights starts again.

    • Nokuthula says:

      Hi Im a single mother of 3 beautiful children’s, with God’s mercy I still have my Mom which I need to spoil for so much that she has done for me and my children’s but I don’t afford to spoil her this voucher can help me fulfill my dream to thank you to her

      • zandilekhwashube92 says:

        I would take my mom out to a spa and after we can go to restaurants and have lunch.its her birthday on 9 may 1963…I will spoil her,she will enjoy a lot .

  2. emerelda says:

    Im a single mom of 4 divorced , i still have a mom who is a widow my dad which is her husband for40 years passed away so i will use the R1000 to spoil my mom and myself thats what ill do ill buy her some flowers and take her out , my mom has 4 children and she is a grandmother of 12 grandchildren and they everyday with her , she still bakes for them on their birthdays and even for us as her children so i would like to something special for her too..I would spend it with my Mother because I’m still privileged to have one ,Thank you

    • Selona says:

      As a mum of 2 boys all my cash goes towards their needs and happiness. I tend to neglect self care. I would really love to spoil myself with a massage and facial. It’s been ages since I was pampered. So yes, my R1000 would definitely go to a much awaited spoil. Fingers crossed tightly.

    • libosobetwa5 says:

      (May news letter)
      Hi fellow mums, my name is Libo Sobetwa residing in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape. I have four adorable children,we all live in a shack. The voucher to me would mean the world, currently I’m in debt and I would prefer to pay for their fees, education for and to them means everything. If not for their fees,I would give it to them and let them decide what are they going to do for me on Mother’s day as we have never celebrated it, money being the issue and they understand that it’s for their needs. So this would be the best mother’s day ever for us and seeing them celebrate it with me in our place will be the best thing ever. Happy mother’s day in advance.

      • chrystel says:

        Hi there all Mums🌹I am sure you would agree that on mothers day we would all love to be treated special. For me, on this special day, I would give the world to just relax and be pampered. So for me, I would most definitely buy a spa voucher. 😍

    • Nicole says:

      As I’m unemployed it’s so rare that I tend to spoil myself ,it was my
      wedding anniversaryy recently, would love to spoil myself to a dinner and pedicure much needed right now

  3. Mariam says:

    I’m running empty, I need to spoil myself in order to recharge… so I can keep on going and giving. Being of service and giving to all simply makes me happy. That is what happiness means to me. 💖

    • cabrahams321 says:

      As a mom of 2 wonderful boys I will definitely spoil my self with a well deserved spar treatment. My youngest is austistic and all my energy is spent on him because he requires all my attention. And in the process I forget about myself! I believe a happy well rested mom would benefit everyone at home. I have never ever been at a spar before and really and it will help me unwind and relax 😃

  4. Buhle says:

    I would definitely book a brunch date with my friend Sybil, whom I have known since 2000. Her mom passed away in February due to Covid. She was an only child and this would be her first Mother’s Day without her mom this year. I would then take her for a half body massage, to remind her that even though she physically feels alone, she’s never alone because I am around and will be there as long as she needs me. This year, it definitely won’t be about me. As much as I would love to celebrate, I believe she needs it more., and nothing will make me happier than to see a smile on her face, for her to release her pain, even if it’s just for a moment.

  5. Rehana says:

    I would love to spoil myself with a lovely Spa treatment, followed by facial, and a relaxing breakfast thereafter seeing that it’s my 53rd birthday on the 5th of May. I’ve just recovered from an illness. So I think k deserve a bit of spoiling.

    • mandomaahlo says:

      I am mom to twins girls 8years,i will definately use the money to book a spa and spoils my self and take a day away from them just to have some me time ,as i am negleting my self,im always doing things for them and forgeting my self,

    • yolandibad08 says:

      If I won R1000, I would spoil myself by going for a haircut as I haven’t been to a hairdresser in a while 🙈 and would treat myself to some pampering by going for a facial and massage as I’m so tense and stressed lately! I would also buy myself some flowers and chocolates and some warm comfy pj’s, hire a dvd with some hot chocolate and popcorn for some relaxing me time 😍 ps I will also get some takeaways so I have the night off from cooking 😃

  6. kristel says:

    As it is my birthday on the 1st may i would book myself for an relaxing facial and then spoil myself and family with a day out perhaps wine tasting and a nice meal

  7. Lucille says:

    Last year thus time I was stranded with my family in Bali, Indonesia for 2 months because of the lockdown in South Africa, what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday turned out to be a nightmare of uncertainties. I was on a constant roller coaster of emotions and it contributed to my well-being of my health and sometimes my mental capacity, yet I became strong and resilient. A year later and I’m ecstatic to be home. It’s still been a crazy time but I persevered and pushed through. I would treat my self to a day at the spa for some much needed R and R.

  8. andilelinda17 says:

    Hi my name is Linda I’m a young mum the journey of motherhood has been both hard and lovely
    and what I would really like to do with this money is plan a nice picnic for me and my mom along with my sisters who are also moms and just use that time to embrace motherhood be grateful to God for the the chance he has given us to be mothers and this picnic would be nice to bring my sisters, mom and I together and appreciate motherhood

  9. dhlaminin7 says:

    As a mother of 4,I have been working really hard and I would really love to book myself into a spa for relaxing treat..Have lunch and go back home refreshed

    • matshidiso.tlholoe01 says:

      I will use the winnings to spoil myself and Lil one on our birthdays. They are 5days apart and I’m so greatful for being a mom finally. After so many years of pain God finally made me a mom in 2020

  10. buhlehlangu says:

    I would love to getaway, book myself into a guest house, then go for breakfast and lunch before heading back home the next day, I need some me time.

    • Always Alyssa says:

      As mums we always take care of everyone else first and then ourselves. I would love to win this money to treat and spoil myself with a haircut and treatment. Since my last born life has really been tough so this will really make my day and good about myself again.

      • [email protected] says:

        I am a single mum of four children, divorced recently, as a mum, I always trying by all means to make sure that I do best for my children forgetting about myself. I will just spoil myself with the money and forget about me being a divorcee.

        • MadamZ says:

          I would use the my winnings to spoil 2 very important women in my life. I will take them out for a day in a SPA & Lunch. Through it all they have stood by me. They deserve all the pampering in the world

          • missmotsei says:

            As a mum of 2 boys aged 4 months and 2 years, I am in need of a pamper session, having lost my mother a couple of years back, I don’t have much of a support system and basically have to do everything myself. I need some time out to take care of me as I am dealing with the the terrible twos and sleepless nights at the moment.

        • KimChotoo says:

          I honnestly can’t remember the last time I did something for just me like have my hair or nails done lol, these things, as a mom seem insignificant when there’s bills to pay, kids to educate, cloth and feed… Splurging on yourself is just not on top of the priority list… so should I be lucky enough to be picked I’d do just that, splurge on a new hairdo and something to pretty that’ll make me feel like less of a frumpy mom…

      • Mokhadi Patricia says:

        I would like to spoil myself but I really need text books so that is exactly what I would buy with the money and spoil myself with some study time for my assignments.

        • ady.smith29 says:

          With mothers day been only 3 days before my birthday I would definitely use this money in spoiling myself and dying my hair Grey like I always wanted, this would be the perfect birthday gift not only a mother’s day gift.

          • furahanzuluni says:

            I would spend the R1000.00 on my mother and myself. After becoming a mother, my appreciation and love for my mother is unexplainable. She is loved and deserves more.

          • Katlego says:

            R 10000 would go a long way for me, I’ve been a signle mother for the longest time and my mom, aunt and grandmother have been supportive, not once have I felt I’m all alone. My self and son are surrounded by love and I’ve always said one day I’ll thank them in a special way, that if it was not for them I know I would not know what it is to be a young mother, with dreams and make a success of herself. The R 10000 will be used to book this 3 generation of strong women to a spar and having lunch with these power force of women ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • noziphomagwanyana says:

            I’m single mothers of two daughters always taking care of them if I can win the prize iwill spoil myself for going to spa for the first time in my life to have body massage and feel the relief of strenuous life that I have

      • Thunyi says:

        My daughter is turning 21 this month and with my winnings I will be getting her a nice gift which will be a reminder of our friendship. I cant wait to see her expression when she opens up the package. (( 😘😘))

        • Sadiyah says:

          I am a mom of 3 I always put there needs before mine so I’d love to spoil myself with some new clothes it’s also my birthday month so I have something extra to celebrate.

        • Meezy18 says:

          I would definitely spoil myself and my mother by booking a spa day after Eid. It would be the perfect gift from me to us! To be able to relax and forget about everything around us. This would be the perfect break for both of us.

          • zandile ayanda says:

            I would spoil my self and my kids with a microwave, we don’t have one to warm our food. It will be nice gift for me and my kids

          • stollecl says:

            Hi I’m a mother of 3 and I would love to spoil my mother, grandmother(as she is a widow) and my mother in law. I think this would make them so happy as I’m not in the means currently to spoil all of them but the voucher would really help in me achieving this.
            Thank you 🙂

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