Happy Tummy Happy Mummy! Introducing Similac® Kid

It is crucial that children are provided with essential nutrients and energy to support their full potential for growth and development. Similac® Kid is scientifically formulated with these changing nutritional needs in mind.

Similac® Kid is also made with a palm-oil-free fat blend for easy digestion, and HMO for immune support.

It’s why Similac® Kid makes for a Happy Tummy, Happy Mummy.

Similac® Kid is a vanilla flavoured premium drink for children 3 years and older that’s free from palm oil to support easy digestion. It’s free from palm oil to support easy digestion and contains HMOs that feed good bacteria in the gut to support the immune system.

Scientifically formulated with a unique vegetable fat blend that contains No Palm Oil to support easy digestion in children and supports immunity.

Similac® Kid is a premium drink with HMO to support immunity & No Palm Olein Oil for easy digestion.

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  1. Adriana says:

    My kids have left the nest a while ago, I was wondering should I receive a sample of Similac® Kid i can pass this wonderful gift on to a family that I support from time to time. Please consider this and revert back to me with your decision. regards, Adriana

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