How plastic water bottles are destroying our environment

Does your home consume a lot of plastic bottles? 

We all know It is far easier to ignore the facts than to change your habits

Well that is a big problem given that water bottles do not biodegrade, but rather photodegrade. This means that it takes at least up to 1,000 years for every single bottle to decompose, leaking pollutants into our soil and water along the way

It takes 3 times the amount of water in a bottle of water to make it as it does to fill it and takes almost 2,000 times the energy to manufacture a bottle of water than it does to produce tap water.

Do you see the big problem?

Well here’s what you can do about plastic water bottle pollution:

  • Ditch the habit: Make sure to stock your home with plenty of reusable water bottles that will improve the environment and your health
  • Purchase a water filter: Purchase a water filter to keep in your refrigerator and use it every morning to refill your reusable water bottles for the day.
  • Recycle: When you do use a plastic bottle, make sure that you recycle it. When you see an empty, used water bottle sitting on the street or in a park, pick it up and recycle it.

Mums let us know in the comments how you will be making changes to the consumption of plastic bottles in your homes 

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4 thoughts on “How plastic water bottles are destroying our environment

  1. Chantal H. says:

    This has become a huge problem . Bottles keep pilling up. But we took good advantage of recycling most of the bottles we have.
    We busy with a bird feeder
    We started planting in plastics bottles and made our own watering cans.
    There are so many uses for plastic. Bottles