How to Baby-Proof Your Home

Life flips upside down once you have a baby, and it seems as though everything changes. Our motherly instincts kick in and suddenly our child is the center of our universe.

One of the main things to be concerned with is keeping your baby safe, and a great way to do that is by baby-proofing your home. Babies and toddlers can get into all sorts of trouble at home, hurting themselves on things that we would never normally think of as dangerous.

Here are some things to consider before your little angel arrives.

Stop Procrastinating

First off, now would be the best time to get anything fixed around the house that you might have been putting off for a while. Your cracked window or exposed electrical wires might be a hazard for your baby, and it’ll feel much better for you too once those are taken care of!

Move Some Furniture

Ask yourself if you have any furniture that has a chance of tipping over if pushed. If you do, it might be a good idea to move it up against a wall or put it in a room that your baby won’t have access to.

Invest In Some Doorway Gates

Speaking of rooms that your baby won’t have access to, doorway gates are useful for preventing your child from crawling into any room that might not be safe for them. If it can work for your puppy, then it can work for your tot too!

A kitchen is a great example of a room that poses lots of hazards to our kids. If you have a doorway to your kitchen rather than an open plan one, consider giving these a try.


Hide Your Chemicals

This includes medication, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, cleaning products – anything that might be toxic if your child accidentally ingests it. You can keep them in a locked cupboard or put them out of reach.

Putting anything risky out of reach is always a good idea – this goes for potentially dangerous kitchen supplies like knives as well.

Cushion Sharp Corners

When your baby is running around and giggling, as cute as can be, the last thing you want is for them to collide with the sharp edge of a table. Putting something on all your sharp corners and edges to soften them eliminates this risk.

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to do this is by cutting up a pool noodle and hooking it onto said surface. This is great to do with doors as well to prevent any fingers from getting caught.

Organize Your Electricals

Exposed outlets and stray cords can get your baby in a whole lot of trouble. Make sure to organize and put away all of your cords so that there’s no risk of getting all tangled up in them and try to cover all of your outlets to prevent electrocution.

Cover Your Stove Knobs

You don’t want baby to get burnt! This should be less of a problem if you’re able to keep your tot out of the kitchen with a door gate, but in the event that you can’t, it’s important to make sure they don’t look like tempting toys.

Mums do you have any other tips when it comes to baby-proofing your home?

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13 thoughts on “How to Baby-Proof Your Home

  1. sothoaneamanda says:

    Baby proofing products are safest to use and give you mom a little breathing moment of knowing security has been taken care of, my best go to baby proofing are cabinet locks, wall Socket covers

  2. Mira says:

    I use a handheld vacuum cleaner,its been a lifesaver to help protect my baby. He is always grabbing the tiniest things and placing them into the mouth. I use my vacuum cleaner to quickly go around room and collect all unsafe and leftover food etc so that he does not put it into his mouth.

  3. Cissy says:

    My daughter loves plugs and I was always worried about that till I came across some plugs to put and that made me feel better. My worry now are the corners of tables and countertops. One tip is to try to keep the toilet door closed as much as possible to protect these little ones