How You Can Save A Life with DKMS

As mums, the thought of our child developing a serious illness is one of our worst nightmares. Sadly, millions of mothers and children around the world go through the pain of dealing with life-threatening illnesses every day.

DKMS (formally known as The Sunflower Fund) is a charity that is helping to save the lives of children with leukemia and other blood disorders.

Through their efforts, they’re raising awareness and saving lives by giving people the opportunity to become donors. Blood donors save the lives of thousands of children each year – it’s one of the easiest, most heroic acts that you could possibly do.

Leukemia is the most common form of cancer in children and is often terminal.

It is a cancer of the blood that occurs when there is an abnormal increase of white blood cell production that crowds out the red blood cells and platelets, causing them not to serve their proper function.

The only way to help this is through potentially lifesaving blood transfusions, which require blood donations.

You would think that most children would be able to have a family member donate, but 75% of patients must rely on an unrelated blood donor to save their lives.

So, how does blood donation work and what should you expect from the process?

It might sound scary, but it’s completely non-invasive and a very quick procedure. Donors typically give around 500ml of blood through a drip system.

Afterward, you’ll be served refreshments to combat any light-headedness you may feel, and then a machine will separate your blood into red blood cells, plasma, and platelets to get them ready to be sent to a child in need.

To make it even easier for you to decide whether or not to become a donor – it’s completely free! For more information on how to become a donor and to read more stories, visit their website

DKMS Website

Your blood donation can save the life of a child even if you’re low on time and money.

Read Naledi’s story here, who does not have a match in her family and needs a donor to help:


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We encourage everyone to consider becoming somebody’s superhero and changing the life of a family forever!

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Mums are you already a donor or will you consider becoming one or finding out more now that you know how easy it is to save a life?

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74 thoughts on “How You Can Save A Life with DKMS

  1. wfmhlongo says:

    Thanks for sharing this insight on the children that truly do need help. It gives us all a reminder that not everyone may be doing as good as the next person so we must all help each other in getting better.

    • spkujinga says:

      Thank you for shedding more light..I used to be a blood donor ,but lost a lot of blood at some point and was taking supplements..I will definitely ask my doctor if I can go back to being a donor now,since am fit..I pray for Naledi and everyone who is in the same predicament.may the grace of healing locate them,so that they have good health..#Helpsavelives #LeukaemiaAwareness

  2. Vishana says:

    I have successfully registered and the samples have already sent back.. The starting process was absolutely non invasive and so easy. I pray and hope for all the patients and their family….lots of love and God bless you

  3. Natasha says:

    Oh My heart goes out to Naledi she is still so young with bright dreams for her future. The statistics are saddening with the low numbers of donors in the specified groups we need to be the change! I will certainly have a read through the DKMS website to find out more about this process and how one can help. Mr prayers are with every family who is going through this it cannot be an easy journey at all. #LeukaemiaAwareness#HelpSaveLives

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