In the Weeds

This time of year is all about growth – and that’s certainly true of weeds too. They creep in during the last of the winter months (when we’re all too cold or wet to venture outdoors) and by September, they’ve unleashed their havoc on our gardens and flower beds – often with a vengeance.

Considering the tenacity of weeds, it’s a wonder any of us win the annual pitch and fork battle against them… Just one dandelion plant makes up to 15,000 seeds, each of which can survive six years in the soil – creating 15,000 more seeds when it sprouts and matures!

Take heart though mums – the battle can be won.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to weed out the weeds:

Look after your grass

A healthy, lush lawn is the best defense again weeds – so feed or fertilize after mowing to help the grass recover from its winter slumber. If you mow your lawn, be sure to properly dispose of the cuttings – especially at this time of year (they carry seeds from the weeds).

Get down and dirty!

Weeding by hand is the most effective. To make sure you don’t leave any seeds or roots behind, use a proper weeding tool and remove the soil around each weed. Section by section, string off an area and finish it properly before moving onto a new area. Buy grass seeds or plugs from your local nursery to close up any obvious patches left after you’re done.

It’s best to remove weeds before they seed, so don’t delay – your time is almost up!

An all-natural weed control concoction:

Although there are all sorts of weed killers which can be acquired from your local nursery, go natural to save the environment and some money too!


1 cup of white apple vinegar

5 tablespoons of salt

A good squirt of dishwashing liquid

Pour the above into a 5-litre spray bottle, fill up with water, and away you go! Spray directly onto the offending plant, or area. This is best done in sunny weather. You should start seeing the results in a couple of hours.

Psst! This is a great activity to do with kids of all ages.

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