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It’s our month

Happy 1st of August and happy women’s month to all you amazing MUMs! It’s our time and it’s our month!

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We all have either been an inspiration to another woman or have a woman who has inspired us in difficult times or helped us grow into the best version of ourselves, and we want to shine a light on all these superwomen.

This could be your mom, a female friend, or even a teacher, any female who has impacted your life or helped you in some way. BONUS – if she is also a MUMbox member she will also WIN R1000!

To enter simply comment below and tell us which female has impacted your life and how/what she did to inspire you or help you on your journey.

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Wishing all MUMs a wonderful month ahead.

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28 thoughts on “It’s our month

  1. ragmatbaron786 says:

    The female that has impacted my life is my mother. The fact that she loves me unconditionally is what makes me believe that all mums have a superpower. She has continuously been there cheering for me when I succeed and comforting me when Im down. The pillar of strength in my family

  2. Tremaine says:

    For sure without a doubt my mother dear.
    i am who i am as a woman, wife, mother becos of her. she is so humbly, also content with the least. A real Proverbs woman, her hands not still for one second, either cooking, doing needlework, homework, praying, comforting. Many a times she would not feel but would rather wait on her hubby if he is not well. if her children is sick she’ll leave her house and sleep with them. When her grandkids birthday is coming soon, she’ll make ends meet to buy them a give, really with SASSA money. Mom its not necessary we will tell her but she insist. I LOVE HER IN THIS WORLD AND WILL LOVE HER ON THE OTHERSIDE AS WELL

  3. Kim says:

    Without a doubt, my mom. She was the strongest woman I have ever known. She preserved through many hardships and always came out smiling at the end. She taught me to pick myself up, dust myself off and face another day!

  4. Gladness says:

    There are so many woman who have inspired me over the years but the one who has been the most invaluable person is my former boss Theresa she taught me that no-matter where you are in life you have to stay humble and even a young person might have wisdom and teach you something that you can use in life and move you forward, to treat people with respect to be kind and not be stingy now 5 years later the many lessons l got from her are still working for me.

  5. sasha says:

    The women that majorly impacted my life is my mom. She is my pillar of strength and a great role model. She is a strong independent women who ensured that her kids always were happy and went to bed on a full stomach. Even if she didn’t eat. She is incredible and a magical women who has always made me feel better. She encourages me and has faith that i could accomplish anything i set my mind out too. She is not only a mother but my best friend, my confidant , my doctor and my therapist.. She always made time for her kids and taught us right from wrong. I strive to walk in her footsteps daily. She is full of love and will forever have an impact on my life. With my mum there is no such thing as i cant…. and therefore i am the women i am today cause of her and hope i can be half the women she is to my daughter. She has instilled values in me, a heart of compassion and respect. She has always taught me to be strong and independent. And made me look at the sunshine at the end of difficulties.

  6. Busisiwe says:

    My colleague and friend Siya Nonoise has played a significant role in improving my lifestyle, encouraging me to go after my goals. Through life experiences and different strokes of life we have gone through, she has made it easy to have an open communication and sharing the different ideas on how to do things better. We are budgeting, engaging in women activities and drawing financial goals together. Hence life has become better.

  7. SDEWET says:

    My is that VERY special female mother has not only most importantly brought me into this world but also shape and guided me to me a good person with exceptional morals and values. She has showed and taught me how to be a mother and also a wife. I have the most respect for her and she has also grown to become my best friend. My mother is what I call goals. she is a phenomenal women that does not allow anything to break her down and to has always made the best with the little she has. she has motivated and showed love to many other that does not have that motherly person in their life. My womens month is dedicated to my mother Adelaide Scotchman

    • Feerouza says:

      My Mom Arwatief Jappie.
      The woman who taught me so much, without even realising it.
      I learnt how to be independent because of how she raised me.
      I learnt my money sense from her because she showed me that she could raise 4 kids, then 3, then 2 as a single mother in the 80’s and 90’s while being unemployed and then while earning peanuts in retail.
      I learnt that it doesnt matter if you have nothing, if you want something in life you must just push through and somehow things will work out because with barely any money and no bursary and earning peanuts I could still go to university to study for my degree.
      She taught me to sit on my musala (prayer mat) and ask Allah (God) forgiveness and to make dua(pray) for everyone and everything around me.
      She taught me to cook and bake and clean up behind myself.
      She taught me that planning was important because 5 mins of planning was worth 10 minutes of work.
      She taught me to be a strong woman but that its also okay to break down into tears.
      She taught me not to be dependent on anyone for finances or for happiness and because of that I choose my own happiness.
      She has taught me to fast and proudly still fasts even though she is 70 and I make dua that I too will be as strong to endure fasting at that age In’sha Allah(God willing).
      She taught me to always give to others even though you have little yourself.
      She taught me not to be scared of someone just because they look different than me and in so she taught me to be myself regardless of what others say or do.
      I didn’t realise any of this as I grew up of course, but looking back, I realise that she has shaped me into the strong independent woman I am today and for that I am forever thankful.
      May Allah always bless my Mom with good health, keep her safe and bless her abundantly In’sha Allah Ameen.(God willing)
      #YaShakoor #Algamdulilah

  8. Jacky says:

    There are so many wonderful woman who have been influential in my life. My sister has been one of those amazing women. She has two beautiful daughters who were adopted when they were a few months old. They live a very humble life, but always make sure that they help and give to others. If it’s not making a meal for someone, or baking something special then it is being of help in some or other practical way. Despite the fact that she has Crohns Disease and has been very very sick for long periods, she still takes care of her family amd others. There is not much she wouldn’t do for others.

  9. Pertunia says:

    I suffer from oily skin. It get pimples often if i eat the wrong foods and also my skin gets very dry if I use harsh soaps. I live in Johannesburg. @ alphenaesthetis

    • mthimunye.rosemz says:

      We have sourced 2500 nappy hampers, 650 1month food relief hampers and now are focussing on dignity packs for girls in school and women in need. I am motivated to do this on a daily basis by my mother, she would grab a bag of rice or a can of veggies to share with someone who came into the household seeking help. She sees lipstick as a stable of any wardrobe and will always look her best before leaving the house. She is turning 60 this year and I will be honouring her by making and sharing 60 000 dignity packs to women, young girls and school going boys.

  10. Villieria says:

    The woman who had the biggest impact on my life was my mother, my mom Madeleine Botma had me at the age of 42, she raised me alone without a father who wanted nothing to do with us actually. she was the most hardworking dedicated person i knew, work always came first she was a professional nursing sister and her pasients was very inportant to her. She was the best mother , she told me everyday how much she loved me gave me kisses and hugs and gave me everything i needed and what she could afford.

    My mother passed away last year , she sufferd for badly for the last 6 years of her live from alzheimer disease and last year just after mothers day she passed, i dont think i will ever recover from her passing as she left to a big hole in my heart, my elders daugther Amy now 7 fondly speaks about ouma and miss her alot,

    i just found out i myself am pregnant again, i have 2 girls 7 and 5 last year after mom i had a terrible miscariage and now at 41 im expecting another baby.

    The is not enough words to describe how wonderfull a mother she was to me


    There are so many inspirational women to aspire towards, for me, it is definitely my mother and mother in law. These women are so far apart from each other, but their strength through their trials and love for the children is truly remarkable and admirable. My mother in law lost 2 kids out of 3 when they were in their early 20’s. When I think of what she must have went through, to lose a child, and then another years later, and I am torn to pieces. I know I would never survive if I were placed in her shows, and yet here she is, going through each day, living for her child, as she puts it and making sure she is there for her grand-kids. As women, we are torn down and usually left to put ourselves back together, but watching my mother and mother in law do it with grace everyday is something I use as a reminder for my own strength when I am falling apart.

  12. Laurentine says:

    The most inspirational woman in my life would be my mom.She has showed me that you dont always have to be strong and you dont have to perfect you dont owe anyone anything by being yourself she has always been there for me and gives the best advice after my father past away she had to step up and I salute her for being so strong she never gave up I love her so much

    • Nicole says:

      I nominate Casey Naicker she is a strong inspiring Young lady inspite of financial turmoil she persevered and got a degree in Bcom,she turned 21 recently and is my inspiration and although from humble beginnings taught me through hard work, determination and resilience nothing is impossible #mumBox

  13. shanon says:

    Definitely my mother, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago, attempted suicide when I was in school and went through a divorce. Today I see and understand how she kept going through all that and still managed to raise us as happy, healthy children. I have the greatest respect for her and pray that I become half the woman and mother that she is.

  14. nomawethu says:

    I am inspired by a lady manager at work. She understands no barriers in career growth. She is always positive, willing to mentor and has the ‘can do’ approach. She is very successful and humble.

  15. moyo.zanele says:

    My most inspirational woman is my Mum. She has worked so much to see us through school and colleges. We are what we are today because of you Mum🙏

  16. moyo.zanele says:

    My most inspirational woman is my Mum. She has worked so much to us through school and colleges. We are what we are today because of you Mum🙏

  17. Zama-nomathemba Zondi Shandu says:

    The only person who has impacted my life in a positive way is my one and only mum she had problems growing up but you will never hear her complaining nor I’ll treating us because of what she went true….so in that case I’m happy to say my mum is is my pillar of strength. There was never a day I slept without eating,because she always had a plan. And she supported me through everything I wanted to do up until todat…I love you mom.

  18. SHARLENE says:

    My true inspiration is Esther from the bible. A strong, courageous and selfless person who loved the lord, a woman god took care off all her life as she lived only for god. This is a person worth much appreciation and is a true inspiration. It doesn’t matter your religion or race, what matters is how you treat people, how you worship your god and how you live this one life we have.

  19. reesha says:

    The most inspirational woman in my life is my aunty Bavan, after my mum passed away in 2010 she took on the roll as mum to me and grandmother to my daughter. Now my aunt has had a sad and overwhelming life. She was in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic, she has 2 kids of her own but she worked her entire life to take care of her children. Now at the age of 60 she has her own small business, her own house and a car. She still works to support her household and no matter what people say to her or how people may put her down, she still holds her head high. She never has anything bad to say against anyone, she is loyal to a fault. But she has taught me not to settle for second best, she has taught me to walk away from toxic people. And at the end of the day, she is always there for me day in and day out. When I went through my bad moments, she picked me up and even fed me, even though she had so little for herself. She always says, it’s a bad day, not a bad life.

  20. Zarrin Manju says:

    The most inspirational woman in my life was my mum she came from a meager background, had was a single mum to 4 kids. She always held her head up high, gave us advice how to avoid the same mistake she made in her life. Went without so that we could have the best she could afford. She would also try and do her bit for people around her, if they were going through a tough time, make them a cake, drop off a meal, something small to make them feel valued and make their lives just a little bit easier. To me my mum was an empathetic woman that I should aspire to be.

  21. Billie says:

    I wish to say that my late eldest sister Lorraine has always been my Icon and person I look up to. She not only did very well all through school and her life, but she had the biggest, kindest, most unselfish heart that I have ever witnessed or known. Lorraine was 9 years older than myself, and she always treated me with so much respect, and was the one who was more like a MOM to me than a Sister. Lorraine still is my Icon and they one who taught me to love and be patient and never give less than your best to anyone you come in contact with. God may she RIP.

  22. krista says:

    My mum is my everything. After being diagnosed with SLE and then going through dialysis, a transplant and dialysis again over the last 7 years, my life had basically been turned upside down. My mum has been there for me through it all. My darkest days were enlightened by her. I get so overwhelmed when i think about the amazing love she has for me thats allowed her to be there for me and my daughter in so many ways. I dont know what i would have done if she wasnt in my life and will never be able to repay her. Life has been tough but shes tougher and just knowing how shes overcome so many obstacles in life inspires me and i can only hope to be half the woman and mum she is.

  23. Sayenara says:

    The most inspirational woman in my life was my mum she came from a meager background, had abusive relationships. She always held her head up high, gave us advice how to avoid the same mistake she made in her life. Went without so that we could have the best she could afford. She would also try and do her bit for people around her, if they were going through a tough time, make them a cake, drop off a meal, something small to make them feel valued and make their lives just a little bit easier. To me my mum was an empathetic woman that I should aspire to

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