Love Your Heart

The heart health benefits of eating plant-based According to the American Heart Association and the World Health Organisation, more than half of heart-related deaths now affect people under the age of 65 years, while over 17 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease.

It’s a staggering number when one considers that the majority of these premature deaths can be prevented by eating better, moving more, and avoiding smoking.

And according to Oxford Research, changes in total energy intake, the consumption of less red meat, and more fruits and vegetables could result in reductions in total mortality of 6–10%.

A plant-based diet contains no cholesterol, a main predictor and cause of heart disease; is lower in saturated fat, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke; and contains a rich amount of heart-protective nutrients and antioxidants – all without sacrificing on flavor!

As stated by the American Dietetic Association, an appropriately planned plant-based diet may aid in the prevention and treatment of these diseases, among others:

We live on a beautiful planet, full of life and color, but climate change is altering the world in which we live.

Pollution and the wasteful use of our natural recourses are the key contributors to the stresses Mother Earth is experiencing.

On top of all of that, animal agriculture is the leading cause of rainforest deforestation, water depletion, species extinction, ocean dead zones, topsoil erosion, and pollution, and is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry.

According to Oxford Research, recent analyses show that reductions in meat consumption and other dietary changes would ease pressure on land use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Changing diets may be more effective than technological mitigation options for avoiding climate change and may be essential to avoid negative environmental impacts such as major agricultural expansion and global warming of more than 2 °C while ensuring access to safe and affordable food for an increasing global population.

By eating less meat, you are minimizing the amount of strain placed on the environment while maximizing the positive impact you can have!

Cook with your heart: we are all animals!

Did you know that 20 million chickens, 18,000 cows, and 75,000 pigs have BEEN SAVED from slaughter each year by people eating Fry’s products instead of animal-based ones?

And the numbers of lives saved continue to grow as more people choose to leave meat off their plates!

And why do we choose to leave animals off our plates?

All animals, including farm animals, wild animals, and sea creatures have the ability to love and feel pain, they have friends and family, and importantly, they want to live a happy, safe, and comfortable life.

Hosting a meat-free braai, or reducing the amount of meat on the grill, means you are turning your fork into a powerful tool for peace by withdrawing support from industries that harm animals.

Remember – you don’t need to never eat animal products again – make small changes where you can, and when possible, go for a plant-based option.

If we all just make small changes where we can – it makes a big difference.

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26 thoughts on “Love Your Heart

  1. eniddekoker says:

    Never knew the reality of eating meat on a daily. This is really very helpful. Will try out plant based products in order to be healthy and live longer for my kids 🙂

  2. farahbehardien88 says:

    I always wanted to try a plant based diet for the health benefits but sticking to it is my biggest challenge. This article is a eye opener and something I can strive for to sticking to this diet.