New Kids Show Starring the Former Leading Lady

The former first lady Michelle Obama was always an advocate for healthy eating during her time in the office. She started a “Let’s Move!” campaign that specifically targeted child obesity.

She also planted a vegetable garden at the White House and published a book called American Grown.

All instilling her passion for promoting good food and now she is doing it on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below: *Mums will you be tuning in to watch Michelle Obama, Waffles and

Waffles + Mochi Netflix Series

The kid’s series starring Michelle Obama is debuting on March 16, Waffles + Mochi will feature Michelle alongside a cast of puppets something similar to sesame street.

These episodes will be 20 minutes long, where they’ll be joined by other human guests including renowned chefs, home cooks, kids, and celebrities.

The two puppet leads – Waffles and Mochi – start as best friends and aspiring chefs from The Land of Frozen Food.

When these besties are suddenly hired as the freshest employees of a supermarket, they begin their culinary adventure of a lifetime.

Netflix explains that with the help of Michelle Obama and other friendly faces Waffles and Mochi go on a global ingredient mission traveling to kitchens, restaurants, farms, and homes all over the world, cooking up recipes using everyday ingredients.

Things you might catch them doing are picking potatoes in the Andes of Peru, sampling spices in Italy, or making miso in Japan all in the name of fun and good food.

Waffles + Mochi is an exciting invitation for kids and grown-ups to start cooking together in the kitchen and connecting to cultures around the globe.

And there you have it – a soon to be series coming to Netflix that both you and your kids will enjoy. Call it a little bonding experience.

Keep your eyes peeled on Netflix to see when it will hit screens here in SA. (*Article source here)

Will you be watching Waffles and Mochi with your kid’s mums?

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