SA’s much loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante has dialed up the Glow

As a mum, we know time is so precious, especially when it’s our alone time, whether we’re taking the time to have a bath, do our nails, or meet up with friends.

Why not reach for the new easy to open Bernini – a fresh, fun, light-hearted sparkling beverage.

Expertly designed to accentuate the sparkle and glow within, the bold yet feminine new bottle shape and delicate embossing is the perfect ingredient for the ultimate Glow Up.

Bernini is a wine-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand produced in South Africa using only the finest quality ingredients.

This premium ready-to-drink range is currently available in three variants – Classic, Blush and Amber.

  • AMBER: A light, yet complex sparkling wine taste with a delicate amber colour with Frizzante bubbles. A deliciously delicate orange-gold in colour. (4,5% alcohol volume)
  • BLUSH: Sweet, floral grape notes with hints of tropical fruits and berries. Vibrant blush in colour. (4.5% alcohol by volume)
  • CLASSIC: Sweet, delicate grape notes with a hint of honey reminiscent of a wine-like Muscat taste. Rich and golden in colour. (4.5% alcohol by volume)

We’re sending this new range to select mumbox members who opted in to take part – so keep an eye on your emails this week to see if you were selected.

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310 thoughts on “SA’s much loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante has dialed up the Glow

  1. Dineo says:

    I’ve always been a classic girl but I’m really looking forward to the Amber, so excited. We might as well have a girls chill out on Saturday 😍😍