Simple Foods with Big Benefits

We know that fruits and veggies are good for us, but we sometimes underestimate just how good for us they actually are. The simplest of foods can be jam-packed with a whole host of highly beneficial nutrients to fuel our bodies and help us to function at optimum capacity.

Here are 5 foods to be sure to incorporate into your diet:


Both red and green cabbage are often overlooked. Raw, cooked, and fermented cabbage all have their different benefits, so it’s a super versatile ingredient that you can add to many dishes.

What it does:
● Detoxifies your stomach and colon
● Boosts your immune system due to its vitamin C content
● Fights inflammation and arthritis
● Anti-bacterial
● Anti-viral
● Builds muscle
● Cleanses your blood
● Anti-fungal
● Strengthens your eyes
● Good source of iron and sulfur


Broccoli is possibly one of the easiest vegetables to prepare, so make sure you’re getting your fill! It goes well in so many dishes or even as a supper time side.

What they do:
● Maintains skin health, regeneration, and repair
● Anti-aging
● Provides sun protection
● Protects from skin cancer
● Promotes hair growth


Tomatoes are found in such a wide range of dishes that we often don’t even take notice of them, but they provide plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that will bulk up the nutritional value of any dish.

What it does:
● Source of vitamins A, C, K, folate, and potassium
● Low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol
● Source of thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper
● Builds strong bones
● Improves your vision
● Makes your hair stronger
● Balances blood sugar
● Boosts immunity
● Purifies blood


Apples are a fantastic afternoon snack and great to add to any breakfast. Try pairing them with peanut butter for an extra protein boost.

What they do:
● Reduces skin disease
● Prevents kidney stones
● Lowers the risk of respiratory diseases
● Hydrates
● Strengthens your heart
● Lubricates your lungs


Spinach is great raw as a salad base or sauteed and added to other dishes like pasta or eggs florentine.

What it does:
● High in vitamins A, K, and E
● High in magnesium and fiber
● A source of plant-based protein
● Source of calcium
● Source of antioxidants
● Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
● High in folate
● Improves cognitive function
● Anti-inflammatory
● Boosts immunity
● Promotes healthy skin

Mums, do you and your family eat any of the foods during the week? Will you start incorporating more of them after reading all the benefits?

Comment below to let us know x

46 thoughts on “Simple Foods with Big Benefits

  1. ngcotoe says:

    I guess I’m part of team that often underrated the benefit of cabbage. I had no idea but from now one, I’ll always include it in my weekly meal plans. Luckily my little one loves veges so I won’t have any hassles. I learnt alot from this article.

  2. tmabasa says:

    Good points for real. These points are the reasons why I decided to plant my own vegetables. Hubby helped me make some planters and we have been using them for 2 years now. We actually very fit now coz of the fruits and veges

    • zandile ayanda says:

      Than you mumbox for a helpful article much appreciated. I like fresh vegetables for my family because it’s healthy and we get the nutrients that our body needs

  3. Bishonia says:

    Thank you Mumbox. I do eat most of the foods mentioned on a weekly basis but I was just not aware of their beneficial nutrients on the body because they are simple foods.

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