The Cheapest Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product

Are you looking to use more Eco-friendly cleaning products PLUS save on your monthly cleaning product bill?

Here’s a quick thought – why don’t we use hydrogen peroxide to clean around your home? It costs roughly R20 for a 100ml bottle which can be found at your nearest pharmacy.

Hydrogen peroxide is not only non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-mildew – so why don’t we use it more often to clean around our home?

*Comment below if you will be trying any of these easy environmentally friendly cleaning tips. (These tips were shared from ASK ANNA)


Hydrogen peroxide is great when using it to pre-treat tough stains. What’s cool about it is that it’s a natural alternative to bleach.

The best way to pre-treat a tough stain like grass, blood, coffee, or wine stains is to saturate the clothing item with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes and then toss it in the washing machine and wash it as normal.

*Fun fact- hydrogen peroxide was used for bleaching hair so if you are washing a load of white bedsheets throw some in to brighten them up.


Struggling with mildew growing in your bathroom, try using hydrogen peroxide to get rid of it. Just spray some liberally all over mildew and let it fizzle and foam for a while.

Reapply until your bathroom is back to its sparkly self.


Hydrogen peroxide is an all-natural chemical which means it’s great for cleaning the kitchen. You can spray it over any surface and not need to worry that it might be harmful to your family.

It’s also great to use when cleaning your microwave or pots and pans.

Watch how great it is in action:

Yay for eco-friendly cleaning products and for their budget-friendly price! We love a good multi-purpose product.

Mums have you ever used hydrogen peroxide to clean your home or will you be trying it after reading this article?

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28 thoughts on “The Cheapest Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product

  1. maggie says:

    Hi I used peroxide to clean a cup of black. COffee souled on my new mattress, magic is all I can say. With some gentle spray and damping working the stain in wards it cleaned my mattress.
    Come summer time I will clean my mattress again like that

  2. Roxy says:

    Wow wow wow!!!! Im super excited to get my hands on this product! I never knew it could be used for cleaning! This is a must try and definitely sharing this with my mom friends.

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