Tough on Stains + Hygienically Clean [NEW OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder]

With New OMO + Hygiene you can feel reassured in the fact that OMO will be there to take care of the stains PLUS wash away germs to offer your clothes a hygienic clean.

Which is why OMO wants kids – and parents – to see the value in getting dirty. They believe that every stain represents an important experience.


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Canned vegetables

Miami Braai Relish 410g

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Learning and playing when you are small is very important. Encourage your child to get messy with fun activities, for a happy, healthy, and confident youngster. Kids’ arts and crafts activities are the perfect excuse for them to get messy. The more glue, paint, and glitter, the merrier!

Getting kids’ creative juices flowing is great fun, but it’s also important for their development – so get cutting, sticking, and crafting, with inspiration from OMO’s simple step-by-step guides and arts and craft articles.

OMO will be there to sort out the dirty clothes afterwards.

Arts & Crafts with OMO


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94 thoughts on “Tough on Stains + Hygienically Clean [NEW OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder]

    • sandrambambo says:

      Aah I would really like to try out this new Omo. Cannot wait to see how it can help me remove stains on my daughter’s clothes.

  1. Bridgette says:

    I would love to try the NEW OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing powder. Just love the smell of the OMO products. Can’t wait to try something different. #momboxomohygiene

  2. tabikutlwano11 says:

    I would love to try this new OMO Hygiene hand washing powder
    #mumboxOMOhygiene #OMO+hygiene #OMOdirtisgood #Dirtisgood #playisgood #toughonstains #mumbox

      • Hlengiwe says:

        I would like to recieve new OMO myb it will help me to remove all stains to my husband uniform

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