[Watch] Kids Try Fry’s Plant-Based Food Without Knowing

Mums, have you tried plant-based meals for your family? Have you cooked any vegan meals for your family?

We recently invited some mumbox members and their kids to our studio to taste some delicious crispy nuggets, but what we didn’t tell them is that are not just any nuggets – they were Fry’s Chicken-Style nuggets which are plant-based!

Watch the kids give their honest reviews below and see what the kid’s reactions were:

Interested? Tap below to see all the reviews from mums who tried Fry’s with their family:


Mums, have your family tried Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets yet?

These perfectly coated meat-free nuggets are golden and crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. You won’t be able to stop at one.

You can find them at your nearest Pick N Pay, Checkers, Spar, or Shoprite in the frozen food section. [RSP R59.99]


We’re sending coupons to profiled mumbox members who answered a recent survey saying they were open to trying more plant-based meals.

Watch their journey, meals, and reviews over the next month on social media using the following hashtags:

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117 thoughts on “[Watch] Kids Try Fry’s Plant-Based Food Without Knowing

  1. MaMmeBlogg says:

    My son enjoys these nuggets, he loves the taste & crispyness, he calls it “Num num”. Paired with sweet potato fries, It’s a great lunch meal.

  2. orion.baatjies says:

    My son loves vegetables,it’s up to us as parents to make it fun and look fun..speak to them on how veggies contains proteins and vitamins…example…my son loves soccer he believes that his veggies makes him strong and able to play at his best and often requests it…looking forward to try this product..

  3. Samantha says:

    Oh Gosh!!!!! My son absolutely loved his Fry’s chicken style nuggets , with an overdunk of tomato ketchup. Plant based food has definitely become part of our monthly grocery shopping . Thank you #mumbox

  4. nomgcobo.zumana says:

    My kids have not tried these,looking forward to try the plant based nuggets with my kids and I’m definitely sure they will love them. Can’t wait to have them😋🤩

  5. lexyramagg says:

    They said “Tasty”,”Crunchy”and “Delicious”and they really enjoyed them.I have to buy them maybe my kids will love them.
    NB: They look so good as well😋

  6. charlenemakgamatha says:

    My 6-year-old girl decided that she doesn’t want to eat meat.
    She loves nuggets and pops so this will definitely work for her.
    I’m sure she will enjoy it so i will get them for her

  7. munyaidenga says:

    It looked so good and the kids who were trying them didn’t know it was not a chicken but vegetable nuggets.

    I will get my kids to try them too

  8. rtnepfumembe says:

    Not only my daughter will enjoy this nuggets , even my husband will love them because he is a breakfast person, and having nuggets on the side will be appetizing, I can’t wait to try them. 😍😍#mumboxfrys

  9. Phuti says:

    I haven’t bought 1 yet but seeing the reviews I’m definitely gonna give it a try, my kids always like to try new things they love food so this will excite them

  10. Mrs says:

    Hello mumbox..I won’t speak a lie.the Frys nuggets even the strips and burgers as well is absolutely lovely. It’s also very delicious .my hubby don’t eat vegetables but whenever I but Fry products on our fasting days .he never ever complains he loves it.
    And anyway see the kids in the video it’s true .u will never know that it’s not really chicken .it tastes Devine. I would definitely recommend Fry products to everyone
    It’s tops 😍 😋 we all love it and I’m sure you all will like it as well

  11. phindy.rams says:

    These look yummy. I made soya mince and spaghetti for my son, I dis not tell him it was soya and he loves it and has asked that I make it again.