What You Need To Do For You

Welcome to another month mums and hello to the month of May.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mumbox members – we hope you know how special, appreciated and wonderful you are.

We dedicate this month to you, our mumbox community.

For us, this quote below perfectly describes self-care. It is from the book “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle.

Nobody needs to be reminded of the importance of self-care more than mothers.

Sometimes we have to be reminded as women to continuously make ourselves a priority because when you truly value yourself the world reflects that worth back to you.

Mothers carry a heavy load on their shoulders and that’s just another indication that self-focus on yourself is so important. We do so much for others and yet we feel bad for taking the time to do something for ourselves.

Why is this? Why do we feel guilty for taking some time, even once a week, or 5 minutes at the start of a new day, to check in with ourselves and make sure we are ok.

We as women, and mothers, should NOT be afraid to look after ourselves and make sure that we are ok.

You can’t give something that you don’t have. You have to keep your own self ‘FULL’ first. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Nothing else works if this is not done first.

If you do, and you keep your cup ‘FULL’,  you can do whatever else you need to do for your relationship, your kids or your job, or your family.


We’re giving away R2000 to two mumbox members on the 17th of May this month. (competition t&c further below)

To enter simply comment on this article with the following:

  1. How many children do you have
  2. What are their ages
  3. What’s your favourite part about being their mum?

Be sure to enter before midnight on Monday the 16th of May 2022 to enter.

Good luck mums x


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Don’t forget to comment on your favourite articles this month – and let us know if there is a topic you would like us to include in our next magazine article.

Have a wonderful month ahead mums – and remember to make time for self-care x

Competition T&C: This competition is open to all mumbox members and South African residents. To enter you need to comment on this article and answer the 3 mentioned questions above. The judge’s decision is final. One entry per member. Winners will be selected on 17/5/2022 and will be contacted via email to confirm South African banking details. Payment of R1000 will be made within 5 working days of receiving banking details. Should the winner not respond with banking details within 48hours another winner will be selected in their place.

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858 thoughts on “What You Need To Do For You

  1. Leoni says:

    I have 3 kiddies
    23 year old – daughter
    17 year old – son
    8 year old – daughter
    The best thing about being mom to these 3 incredible, individual beings, is seeing them blossom into the individuals that they were created to be, through our guidance and love. And the ultimate joy from their love in return. Some down days, but mostly up days that we are all eternally grateful for, as we venture this journey through life together

    • Ntee says:

      Dumelang Bomme

      1. Two kids💙💗
      2. 13 years old son💙 and 2 years old daughter💛
      3. Being able to stay with them and watching them growing up to be independent kids

      • suzettejasmin63 says:

        I have 4 sons and they are 36, 34, 27 and 24 years old. They are all still living with me and I enjoy taking care of them, cooking and making sure that they are well. They in turn show me respect and honor me as their mother.

      • tcoetzee88 says:

        I have one teenage boy.
        He is 16 years of age.
        My favourite part of being his mom is watching him grow up into such an amazing young man. Watching him work hard at school to prepare himself for a great future. He is a well respectful young man and I enjoy doing a lot for him. He makes my day shine even on my bad days.

    • laylahabdulla says:

      2 children
      A boy who will turn 4 on the 16th of May
      A girl who is 1
      My babies inspire me everything single day to be better and do better and the best part is that I too grow and learn with them 💕

  2. Venesia says:

    I have 3 Beautiful Young Ladies. Ages: 16; 10 and 2. I am so proud to be their mom as these girls inspire me daily. I love that they are growing up to be kind and yet tough. We love having adventures together and spreading sunshine wherever we go…

    • janetmkisanya says:

      I have 3 children. 27, 25 and 19. (1 daughter, 2 sons)
      I am such a proud Mother to see them succeed in all they do. We always talk about our day when having supper in the evening. This has made us become closer. God bless them always

      • janinepdp says:

        1. I have One Child.
        2. My son is 14 years old
        3. The best part of being a mom to my son is the unconditional love we have for each other. Seeing my child develop his own personality and humour. The same interest and dislikes we have. Also seeing the man that he’s becoming. A kind, loving, generous and very outspoken person. I love my son to infinity and beyond.

  3. Shabena says:

    I have 2 most caring handsome sons. Age 25 and 18. The most I enjoying been there mum. We are besties. They are so open minded sons. Been a single mum to them both we have an awesome supportive families..challenges we all not scared of cos we have the bond is so strong. I love them with all my heart and so proud to be there mum. Life is awesome for us and loving our lives😊

  4. maudenydewee says:

    Hi all. I have a 18year old he is biological son. I also have 5 stepchildren. Ages are 20, 17, 13 , 4, 1 I know it seems crazy right. But being a Mother or second Mother is amazing. The best part of it is the care I can give by showing them how much love I can give and how much I am willing to receive . The fun fact is we all have so much to offer but what I learn from each and every one of them is amazing , sometimes I tell my partner when is this studies going to end..feels like I am doing my masters degree in parenthood. The endless conversations,laughs, angry moments, and concerns we have from the youngest to the eldest is the best part of all, not too mention how satisfied I feel when I feel that all the boxes are ticked. Being fierced in what I do and confident, knowing I am their shield 🛡 and I am their safe space deffies feels great. I love my kinds all of them and for their friends I am a mother too much ❤

    • nolubacela says:

      I loved this article, it’s what I needed today.

      I have one child, a four month old busy baby boy. My favorite part of being his mom has been helping him navigate life. There’s so much to learn with babies. I’m always trying to read up so I can make the transitions easy for him. When he laughs, all problems melt away.

    • thandazilebuthelezi93 says:

      I have 5 kids
      9 years daughter
      7 years daughter
      7 years daughter
      5 years son
      2 months daughter
      The best thing about being a mom is to see your kids growing up with love having time to show them love and appreciation , being a best friend to them always having time to listen to their stories teaching them how important it is to be united and other person. The favourite part of being a mom is that the minute they are born i get to meet my best frnd who cheers me up even if Im sad but when they come with their stories my mood change.

  5. Sibongile says:

    I have two beautiful babies. Boy 10 and girl 8. They behave like twins and are of the same height. What I love being thrir mother is seeing them happy and appreciative towards the little things we do together. Watching them fight and reconcile, fighting to tell me about tgeir day at school, that melts my heart. ❤ when I feel depressed, they always have a way to lift my mood

  6. sroekeiyiyah says:

    I am a mother of 3. I have a 9 year old, a 5 year old and a 2 year old. My favourite part of being a mum is that no matter how hard life gets and no matter what mood I’m in my kiddies always put a smile on my face I love them more than anything in this world

    • elaine.teixeira00 says:

      I have 3 beautiful kids. They drive me nuts but luckily I LOVE NUTS. 2 girls aged 18 and 13. and my angel boy forever 17. He passed away in 2018. The girls is my reason for still being here. they always want to cheer me up when I seem down. and they won’t leave me alone when I am down. Love them to bits moods and all. 😀♡

    • sesanamathebula says:

      1. I have 3 beautiful children’s
      2. 13 years old daughter
      3 years old son
      1 year old daughter
      3. My favourite part of being their mom is always be there for them seeing them happy every day , their smile means a lot to me.

  7. Rachael says:

    I’m a mom of a pigeon pair (boy and girl) twins now 15yo. I fostered them from 7 months old and finally got to adopt them in 2013. Their biological parents abused alcohol and drugs and they now suffer the consequences with learning and behavior challenges. Some days are good others not so good but they are my double trouble, double blessings and I’m proud to be their mom ❤️

  8. Tanya says:

    I have 2 sons. Ages 23 and 13 years old. My favourite thing about being a mom is feeling, seeing and knowing their love for me. There is no such love in the world other than the love of your child. @mumbox

    • dineomphela1 says:

      I have 1 Child, a 9yrs old baby girl named Tshiamo. It’s a dream come true to live with my child & raise her well. It’s not easy I tell you, we have started fighting…lol, but I love that she is so open to me, she shares everything with me. In my stressful days, she helps me do the breathing exercises which she learned at her school while saying; “it’s ohk mommy” she’s just so amazing. A Heavenly God sent, I can go on forever…I’m just so grateful.

  9. Cindy-Lee says:

    I am the lucky motber of one beautiful little boy or maybe I should say big boy. He is 6yrs young with a mouth of a 21yo. My favorite part about being his mother is the quality time we get to spend with each other. We have mom and son movie nights. We have tent days where we build blanket tent forts in the middle of our lounge. We have baking days but most of all I absolutely love the endless amounts of hugs, kisses and mommy I love you moments. Many of it is so random, it melts my heart. I love this child to infinity and beyond. I am also lucky to be mom to my 21yo nephew and 16yo niece. Who introduces me as their mom and not their aunt. I totally enjoy being a mom to a toddler, teenager and unbelievably an adult. Can you tell I enjoy motherhood? 😁😁

    • esperanzot says:

      I am mother of 3.first born she is 20yrs old,the twins is 6years old a girl and boy being able to stay with them and watching them grow up to be independent