Why Are HMOS Important?

What are HMOs?

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are special prebiotics found naturally in breast milk.

They feed good bacteria in the gut. There are many health benefits associated with HMOs in breast milk, and researchers believe they may be one of the main reasons breastfeeding provides immune health benefits.

HMOs are the third most abundant solid ingredient in breast milk (after fat and carbohydrates).

Previously, HMOs were only found in significant levels of breast milk.

HMOs feed good bacteria in the gut where 70% of the immune system exists. They are also absorbed into the bloodstream to support all of your baby’s developing immune system.

Thanks to breakthrough research we know that a specific HMO, 2’-FL, provides numerous health benefits to growing babies and are thought to play a role in supporting the development of a strong immune system.

Probiotics and Prebiotics – It’s crucial to give your child the building blocks they need from the start.

Probiotics, also known as healthy bacteria, are live microorganisms located in a person’s intestinal tract.

Prebiotics are not bacteria, but they provide the food source that probiotics need to survive.

This is where this unique type of prebiotic, 2′-FL, comes in. 2′-FL is the most abundant HMO in most breast milk.

This prebiotic feeds the healthy bacteria in your child’s gut, allowing them to work better. Having these healthy microbes or bacteria in your little one’s gut is critical to their development.

(Article Source https://www.similac.abbott/za/support/why-are-hmos-important)

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11 thoughts on “Why Are HMOS Important?

  1. Mampho says:

    I breastfed all my 4 kids until they didnt want it anymore. I would love to try Similac for older kids. My oldest is 8 and youngest is turning 3 now in November. We learn a lot from you mumbox, thank you truly.

  2. pulanemotsei4 says:

    I breastfed for 2 years with both my kids,I just couldn’t buy your normal milk I preferred the breast one,and I haven’t tried this,maybe I should give it a try and see how my kid would enjoy or not

  3. Lusanda Mgwili says:

    Breastmilk is always the best. I tested Similac with my little one and she loved it. She is a very picky child and l was surprised that she loved it soo much. I find it very nutritious and it leaves her full for longer.

  4. omhle90 says:

    Breastmilk is the way to go. I have a third baby on the way and l always look forward to breastfeeding. I feel like l connect more with with kids when l breastfeed.

  5. Mthaniya Sai says:

    I have always preferred breastmilk over everything but l have a child l did not breastfeed. He got sick at first but after l learn about different types of milk that l can given him so that he gets enough nutrients, he really got better. I am a happy mum since then. I cannot wait to try Similac.

  6. roxycdevos-8331 says:

    Great read. I have a baby on the way and I would like to really try and breastfeed her longer than my first child. I struggled with my first and ended up switching to formula.

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