“Out, Damned Spot!” – 4 Stain Removal Hacks You Should Know

Here it is, folks: the holy grail of stain removal hacks. The best stain removers in the business…

1. Permanent Marker Stains

If you’ve got a mini graffiti artist in your midst, best you grab the rubbing alcohol ASAP (especially on walls). Alternatively (if you’re feeling alternative) toothpaste and baking soda is also very effective at lifting these kinds of marks off walls.

If you need to remover permanent marker off a white board, use rubbing alcohol on a clean cotton wool pad to wipe the marks away.

2. Nail Polish Stains

Again, speed is of the essence. Lift as much of the liquid polish off the floor as you can, as quickly as you can. Non-acetone nail polish remover might work, but so does hair spray, window cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

3. Paint Stains

Most times kids make a mess with paint, it’s acrylic paint. Warm soapy water, followed by nail polish remover on the spot should do it.  This works on clothes with paint stains too.

4. Stained Wood

Whether on a table or a kitchen surface, permanent marker on wood is easier to get off than you might think. Apply toothpaste to the area and rub it with a damp rag until it disappears, or use nail polish remover or hairspray, applying directly to the stain before wiping off. With wood, it’s always important to do a spot test first to make sure you don’t ruin the surface and be careful not to scrub the varnish off.

Any other tried-and-tested tips you can add to our collective knowledge?

Written by: Julie Williams – Lifestyle Editor

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  1. nicolefennie says:

    Hey mums 🙂 Any tips for getting out foundation stains from clothes? I’ve ruined some good tops of mine with foundation. I refuse to throw them away lol

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