Helping Our Kids In a Post-COVID World (Podcast)

Helping our kids in a post-COVID world.

In March 2020, all of our worlds were turned upside down. Our kids’ worlds too.

In this insightful podcast, Roxanne Atkinson (Occupational Therapist and author) lets us know what to look out for and how to best guide our kids (and ourselves) through this time. Read more about Roxanne further below.


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roxanne atkinson

Roxanne Atkinson is an Occupational Therapist that works in private practice. Her rooms are situated at 39 Niblick Street, Lakeside, Cape Town. (You can find her website here.)

The practice focuses on offering evidence-based therapy to children aged 0-7 years who have developmental delays or difficulty learning age-appropriate skills.

The focus is on early identification followed by early intervention if required. Roxanne works alongside parents and caregivers to promote carry over into the home and pre-school environment. Roxanne values collaborating with parents/caregivers and applying common sense to devise the best therapy plan for each unique child and family.

When working with babies Roxanne uses her neuro-developmental training to help them learn to move. She is able to help interpret infant behavior and support early communication skills.

When working with older children the focus is on addressing any developmental delays or difficulties that would hinder school readiness. Roxanne helps children master difficult tasks that build their self- confidence.

Pre-schoolers may require input to improve gross and fine motor skills, understand basic concepts such as color, size, and number as well as other visual perceptual skills that are necessary to go on and succeed in school tasks such as reading and writing.



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