OMO Colour Auto Liquid

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NEW OMO Colour Auto Liquid is specifically formulated to be tough on stains but keeps your laundry colours looking bright and vibrant.

OMO liquid dissolves faster than a regular auto washing powder and is specifically formulated for washing machines. NEW OMO Colour Auto Liquid penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes, reduce residues left by auto powders and keeps the colour in your clothes looking new!

• Tough stain removal
• NO residue on clothes and in the washing machine
• Long-lasting brightness
• Helps fight dullness
• Keeps colours vibrant & bright
• Perfect for denim

How to Use:

Using the NEW OMO Colour Auto Liquid helps clothes stay clean, fresh and reduces dullness and colour fading. Simply dose your laundry machine with one capful of OMO liquid for the ultimate wash.

• Read Dosage instructions on the back of the pack
• Use 1 cap of NEW OMO Colour Auto Liquid per load
• OMO liquids are recommended by leading Machine manufacturers Samsung, Bosch, and LG
• All OMO liquids are specifically formulated for washing machines

Packaging Sustainability: As part of their commitment, they have changed their bottle to white because it is easier to recycle, and they are including more recycled plastic into their bottles. Please recycle when you are done using it.

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