What The Plog?

What it is, why it’s taken off and how it’s saving the planet.

Let’s start with what it is.

Plogging is the new eco-friendly fitness trend that’s sweeping across the globe. Originating from Sweden, the word itself is a combination of jogging and plocka upp (Swedish for “to pick up”).

Essentially, it combines the health benefits of exercise with the environmental benefits of cleaner, greener public spaces.

Of course, in an ideal world, nobody would need to pick up anybody else’s trash, but the reality is, if we don’t start doing something to help (and teaching our kids to help too as we go), our world is in serious trouble. Already, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year, with around 8.8 million tons of it finding its way to the oceans. It’s now estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Why you’re bound to love it.

From our wonderful world surveys and your equally wonderful responses, we know that most Mumspiration mums not only love spending time outdoors but also want to do more to protect the environment. Being mums, we also love to spend time with our families. Plogging ticks all these boxes.

It’s an opportunity to spend time with our kids, get everyone outdoors and exercising – all while making the world a better place!

What you’ll need to get started.

You don’t need much. Just a willing attitude, a public space (it could be a walk around your block, a beach, a park, anywhere really) and a plastic bag for each participating plogger. If you want to look like a seasoned, serious, semi-professional plogger (or of you’re just not that excited about touching other people’s trash), you might also want to wear disposable gloves or gardening gloves.

Then away you go! Hopefully, with your merry mini plogging crew in tow, all looking for litter to pick up as they jog/skip/hop/walk/get dragged along.

Enlisting your kids

So far, my kids have loved our plogging sessions. They particularly have loved the disposable gloves. Not to wear, just to blow up with air and then use to make inappropriate farting noises with as we go. Gloves aside, plogging is like an exciting treasure hunt for little people – all the while subconsciously training them how to look after the planet a little better, move their bodies a little more and enjoy the outdoors while they do so.

Personally, plogging has opened my eyes to how much litter there really is all around us. Yet instead of this leaving me feeling only disheartened by the vast problems we face, plogging has helped me to feel a small part of the solution.

The bags of trash we pick up and dispose of responsibly may not seem like a lot, but over enough time, and with enough people joining us, movements that start as small as a molehill will one day move mountains.

So won’t join us? The next time you head outdoors, take a plastic bag (and a deep breath) and get plogging! Let us know how it goes.

And while you’re at it, here are 8 more eco-hacks to get you and your family saving the planet.


Written by: Julie Williams – Lifestyle Editor

5 thoughts on “What The Plog?

  1. MELISHIA says:

    This is an awesome concept to action… The results would be amazing for our community and environment. Definitely gonna do this on our next health walk. Can’t wait to entice my tribe by saying we’re going plogging today. 😅😀 I’m sure my little adventurers will love this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ruweida says:

    I guess you learn something new everyday… I’ve done this a few times, volunteering for Harbour cleanups but never heard of the word plogging before.

  3. Avril says:

    Read about this on Facebook. Alot of Beach Cleanup organizations are encouraging people to do this… Not on the beach of course. 😉 We haven’t been brave enough to go outside for a walk but will remember this small thing for environment next time we do

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