Here’s How We Finish Strong

Have you noticed our world’s obsession with speed and efficiency?

Especially out of the starting blocks,… car manufacturers boast about how quickly a vehicle can get from 0 to 100 km/hr, cosmetic brands promise instant results (cramming an eye-watering amount of herbs and benefits into each drop), and influencers share their best-kept secrets to quick-fix your life in the shortest space of time.

If you’ve reached this time of year feeling weary, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the pace of life, I’m here to remind you that you are not a car nor a fancy face cream!

Your worth is not locked up in how much you do (or don’t do) or how fast (or slow) you can run through life.

Truly, how we start is not as important as how we finish. What a relief that is for us normal humans!

Whether you shot out of the starting blocks in January and had a fantastic year, or stumbled through 2023 and are hobbling to the finish line: we can all still finish the year strong… simply by taking some time out to:


As my good friend, Julie shared with us at the Mumspiration event last month, life is the ultimate teacher. But unless we pause to listen and learn, our ‘daily’ degrees will just pass us by, and the potentially priceless insights that are ours for the taking will be wasted.

Instead of growing, we’ll remain hard-headed and destined to repeat the same mistakes and face the same mountains, again and again.

I’ve found the best way to reflect is to regularly journal and take time to give thanks and remain grateful. This might sound simple, but nothing in this life ‘just happens’ unless we get intentional about it.

If you’re looking for a practical, empowering piece on why and how to get journaling – look no further.


Newsflash: unlike cars, we humans need to break for power! It’s important to not simply rest from the year that has been, but rest for what is ahead. This is a game-changing shift in thinking, friends. It potentially will change the way you enter the silly season.

Instead of simply seeing it as a time to let your hair down and celebrate the end of another crazy year – make sure you leave enough space to really rest… recharge and power up for the year ahead. Otherwise, you might have fun and feel festive, but come January – you’ll be completely depleted and unprepared for the big output that every new season requires.

See here on how to rest, really well >

How about you, moms? Do you take time to reflect already? How do you rest and recharge? What are you looking forward to doing over the holidays?

Share with the rest of us below please – because on our own, we can get by – but together… we’re UNSTOPPABLE!

Powerfully Yours,


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That’s it from us for 2023 moms – have a wonderful festive season, keep safe, and be happy.

*And don’t forget, on our own we can get by – but together – we’re unstoppable x

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27 thoughts on “Here’s How We Finish Strong

  1. Vhonani M. says:

    It’s been a long year and here we are towards the end of it,it feels like it flew out of the window,just grateful for the gift of life,Thankyou Mumbox for the reminders