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What to Expect as Your Kids go from Primary School to High School

BIG FISH BECOMING LITTLE FISH… What to expect as your kids transition from primary school to high school. If you’ve got a child that’s about to leap from primary to […]

4 Ways to Help Your Teen Develop a Healthy Body Image

As a parent, nurturing a positive body image is crucial element in helping your kids grow into healthy, well-rounded adults. Helping your teen establish a healthy body image is important. […]

All The Buzz

While we can’t keep up with all the new slang words our kids bring home (“Brah! That’s fire! Yaas Kween!”), here are some of the most interesting buzzwords that our […]

How much sleep does your child really need?

We’ve all been there before when we say bedtime and the moan starts straight away. “I’m not tired”, “why do we have to go to bed so early”. You can’t […]

Mind Games

Skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety, diagnosed in younger and younger kids, are leading to an equally concerning rise in the rates of suicide. Devastatingly, suicide is now the second […]

Why Tenacity Trumps Talent

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein. Staying power, grit, perseverance, tenacity. The stubborn refusal to give up or give […]