TruBotanics – Natural, clean and sustainable sanitizers [GIVEAWAY]

Mums, how would you feel if you knew there was a product out there that was purely organic, did not contain alcohol, and protected you and your family from 99% of Coronaviruses, bacteria, and fungi? Well, that’s exactly why we developed TruBotanics hand, face, and mask sprays with you in mind.  No harmful ingredients that could cause damage to sensitive skins.

TruBotanics is dedicated to offering natural, clean and sustainable products that are clinically tested and scientifically proven to work. Their range of sanitizers are 100% natural, bio-degradable, dermatologically tested, and alcohol-free.

Available in various sizes:

Convenient sizes that allow you to keep smaller bottles with you in your handbag, your kid’s school bag, and a larger bottle at home. The face and mask sanitiser has a gentle lemon verbena fragrance.

Face & Mask Sanitiser – R55.00 – R98.00      Hand Sanitiser – R55.00 – R230.00

Proven safe for you and your whole family. 

  • Purely Organic
  • SABS Approved
  • Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Does not dry out your skin
  • Gently hydrates and protects


Mumbox is giving 20 mums the opportunity to WIN a TruBotanics Hampers!

The hamper will include a 250 ml and a 50 ml,  Face and mask Sanitisers as well as a hand sanitisers

Get to experience TruBontanics – ENTER NOW by telling us what makes TruBotanics so unique?

Don’t delay, purchase your bottle to today, and keep your family safe at all times.

Purchase here

(Competition T&C: This competition is open to all South African residents and mumbox members only. Winners will be selected on 15/02/2022. The winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address in their mumbox profile where the hamper will be sent. To enter you need to comment on this article telling us what makes TruBotanics so unique. You can enter as many times as you like. The winner will have 72 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery details. Should the winner fail to do this within 72 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The judge’s decision is final, and the prize cannot be exchanged for cash.)

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62 thoughts on “TruBotanics – Natural, clean and sustainable sanitizers [GIVEAWAY]

  1. Ashleen F. says:

    The fact that it is truly organic and it will not harm the environment. I also have not heard of face and mask sanitizers which makes this product unique. I love the fact that the whole family can use it and that it has a smaller package version to put into the child’s bag for school.

  2. Rendani M. says:

    TruBotanics is unique because it is purely organic, does not contain alcohol,SABS Approved
    Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses it has no harmful ingredients, does not dry out your skin and gentlyhydrates and protects skin

  3. Maureen M. says:

    TruBotanics is unique because it is Purely Organic, SABS Approved, Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses. I also love the fact that is doesn’t have harmful ingredients, does not dry out my skin it is gently and it protects.

  4. Agnes M. says:

    In this world were its difficult to find products that are not harmful Trubotanics is tha answer,their products are safe for the whole family, no harmful ingredients. With Trubotanics you know your whole family is protected because it kills 99.99% of all bacteria ,fungus and viruses

  5. Denise L. says:

    Sounds to good to be true but I like the fact that it is pure organic, no harmful products added, 99.9% germ free, SABS approved AND it hydrates and protects! Worth trying, for sure!