Messy Play Activity: Muddy Shapes [WIN with OMO]

Learning through play is a significant stepping stone to development.

Before the age of 8, your brain and body grow quickly, and you learn social and thinking skills that aid you throughout life. We encourage your child to get messy with our fun activities for a happy, healthy, and confident little one.

Let’s get started!

WIN with OMO’s Messy Play Zone

It’s time to let our children play freely without fear of dirt and leave the tough stain removal created from hours of Messy Fun to OMO!

Stand a chance to WIN a washing machine with mumbox and this OMO Messy Play activity below!


The last day to enter this competition is Thursday the 21st of July 2022.

Muddy Shapes

Search for gold with this treasure hunting activity that will develop your child’s conceptual thinking through shape sorting.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  1. Find an area outside that is nice and sandy. Grab a container or bucket and fill it with water.
  2. Show your little one how to mix the sand and water to create a thick mud, then form shapes using your hands. Create a few shapes to help your child; you could make circles, squares, triangles or rectangles.
  3. Help your child get involved by molding a variety of muddy shapes. Count together to see how many sides each shape has.

At OMO, we believe that every stain represents an important experience – mud stains are the stamp of adventure, grass stains are the sign of exploration, and fruit stains are the aftermath of discovery.

Encourage your kids to get messy with our fun activities for happy, healthy, confident kids.

We’ll be there to sort out the dirty clothes afterward.

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      You are not alone mommy, you have your kids and they need you. We all going through the most but we continue to hustle and believe that one day we shall be alright. Be well♥️