Breast Cancer Awareness Month [October]

The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among women in South Africa. It is the most prevalent cancer amongst white and Asian women and the second most common cancer among black and coloured women.

Facts about breast cancer:

  • Early detection of the condition can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis.
  • About 90% of patients survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is detected at the early stages.
  • Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are key to early detection.
  • Presenting yourself early for treatment may result in more effective treatment, leading to a reduction in pain and suffering and a significant decrease in the loss of life.


Do your monthly Breast Self-Examination to beat Breast Cancer – CANSA

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) urges women to get to know what is normal for their bodies, so that when they do a monthly breast self-examination (BSE), they may detect any changes, signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Get to know the warning signs and symptoms. Read more about Breast Cancer and Women’s Health:

CANSA created this educational video that shows women how to perform a basic self-examination check and they urge women to please share far and wide – it can save a life!


12 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month [October]

  1. Safiyya says:

    The importance of self examination and early detection cannot be emphasized enough. It can be the deciding factor of removing a small lump or removing the entire breast. Women need to be more aware of changes in their breast.

  2. Sagree says:

    awesome advice, I printed it to share with my friends, sometimes we put off these examinations because they are expensive but my advice is to take opportunity whenever you hear of a free testing or screening.

    • Heila says:

      This the most important advice for every woman. You need to go regularly for screening, especially if you have cancer in you family. In my case I must go cause my mom and 2 sister got breast cancer only 1 sister is still alive.

  3. nahidah says:

    thank you for the breast cancer awareness post & video it has helped me understand breast cancer more as I been having a lot of pain in both my breast resently

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