First the pain, then the rising

Every now and then you come across something that once you hear or see, it changes something in you and changes the way you look at things – for the better.

This is what happened when we heard the below expert from a talk done by Glennon Doyle.

Mums – If you do one thing for yourself today – please, please let it be taking 1minute to read the below:

The problem is when we transport ourselves out of feeling pain, or failure, we miss out on the transformation – because everything that we need to become the people we are meant to become next, is actually inside the pain and the failure.

We are like caterpillars who jump out of the cocoon right before we would have turned into butterflies.

Because pain is actually a traveling professor, and it knocks on everybody’s door and the wisest ones say “Come in and sit down and don’t leave until you’ve taught me what I need to know”

We have it all wrong.

We are afraid of pain, but we were made for pain.

Because the journey of becoming our best selves means we need to rush toward the pain and allow the pain to become our power.

If we stopped fearing pain, we would become such better parents too.

I was at a parenting convention recently and this woman raised her hand and she said

“My family is broken and there is nothing I can do to fix it. It’s done.

And my little boy is in so much pain, and every day I look at him and I think “Oh my God, I had one job.

My one job was to protect him from pain, and I couldn’t do it. And I feel like such a failure.”

I said to her

“Okay, hold a second. can you give me three words that you would want to describe the kind of man you’re trying to raise?”

And she said,

I want him to be kind, and I want him to be wise, and I want him to be resilient.”

I said to her “Okay, and what is it in a human life that creates kindness and wisdom and resilience. It’s pain.”

That’s it.

It’s the struggle.

It’s not having NOTHING to overcome – it’s overcoming and overcoming and overcoming pain and failure.

So – is it possible that we are trying to protect our children from the one thing that will allow them to become the people we dream they’ll be?

And is it possible that we all feel like failures because we have the wrong job description?

Because it was never our job, nor our right, to protect our children from their pain.

Our job is to point them directly toward it and say,

That was meant for you, and I see your fear, and it’s real. And it’s big, but I see your courage and it’s bigger!

For us, in our personal lives, for our relationships, for our world, the pattern is and always will be

First the pain

Then the waiting

Then the rising



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  1. guignet.christina1 says:

    Thank you I have updated my profile , I really needed this article , it was good to be reminded that as moms we are worth more and deserve happiness 😊

  2. reception-0546 says:

    that is life circle you have to go through pain so the waiting looks like its forever but the rising is eternal that is the beauty of the suffering sometimes you question GOD why me but at the end its through GODS grace that we alive he suffer for our sins so we can have eternal life he also went through pain and suffering

  3. charlenenaidoo19 says:

    Raising kids is no easy task. Every night I go to bed wondering if there was anything different I could’ve done to make the lives of my children a little more better. I take courage and inspiration by reading shared advice from other mothers. None of us can spare our children all the pain that life brings, scrapes and scratches are hard enough when they’re little, but heartbreak, disappointment and insecurities are some of the worst pains we see children go through as they get older. My only hope is that my children will always remember that no matter what pains they may be experiencing, mom will always be there

  4. ratloukamogelo2 says:

    My profile has been confirmed, i am grateful for the insight because I was not aware that me not updating my profile made it hard for #MumBox to select me for product reviews and testing, looking forward to testing my first product.

  5. caronelders says:

    Photo updated, delivery adress updated and subscribed to news letter. Thank you for the touching article, I needed to read those words, sometimes as moms and woman we are very hard on ourselves and need to be reminded that we are conquerors

  6. gabz1201 says:

    Profile updated
    Reading this article is so true and touching, but just how strong can one be? How much more can we as women take? Especially when we are helpless when our children are hurt… This is a fantastic article and example of what we as women face daily, I hope it inspires other moms too.

  7. ncubekhensani58 says:

    As hard as is it to accept the pain that we see our kids go through but what can we say we must accept and wait for the pain to pass and focus on the rising. Good article thanks Mumbox.
    Done updating

  8. cchude says:

    I can relate to this article. because am going through a challenge now. But like my mum will say; that pain and challenges teaches us how to cop and win every saturation.
    Profile updated
    Address updated
    And have subscribed

  9. orion.baatjies says:

    The amount of Inspiration and uplifted received from this passage is unremarkable…alot suffer and feel the emotions mentioned…..I could feel the emotion and empathy in this words to the author/writer…THANK YOU and keep doing what you doing.

  10. thandi-5778 says:

    All done! But to be honest, being a mom box member makes me feel like I have received products to test before. The articles, magazines and tips that we always get, makes feel confident in applying them. Thank you!

  11. tshidisathekge17 says:

    Thank you mumbox I’ve updated everything…❤️😘

    Pain teaches us to be patient with GOD while waiting for his mercy,He then answers that’s when we pick the pieces and we keep rising as if nothing happened❤️.Thank you for your newsletter🙏, looking forward to July’s newsletter

  12. khanya635mtyobo says:

    This article is absolutely amazing and uplifting. I totally agree with everything that is said above.

    I have ticked all the boxes, im praying for a win

  13. nolwazitshabalala123 says:

    Prof pic ✅✅🥰
    Address ✅✅🥰
    Subscription ✅✅🥰
    All done #Mumbox ❤❤❤
    Thanks for the informative articles,looking forward to start receiving nice products answer crossing finger to win this round🤗💕

  14. nwabimeg says:

    MUMbox great message; Thank you. Pain I’ve come to realise that when facing pain it’s God’s ways saying “I see you “I love you! I recognise you. It’s His finger pointing at you and saying I’m with you.

    • dimpho.georgina36 says:

      My mumbox profile and photo, address, newsletter subscription is updated.

      This is a must read letter. I’m in so much pain, my son is in hospital as we speak. He’s been in ICU since the 29th of May 2022. He is currently on life support machine the doctors said we must prepare for the worst because he is brain dead. He was resuscitated 3 times since he’s been here.

      A 1 year 9 months old baby diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus and metabolic disorder four days ago. He had two surgeries and underwent two more yesterday (left with 1).

      I am raising a soldier, my son is now responding so well, his brain is functioning although its just 50% of it. Seeing his little body with so many scars from his head to his stomach kills me psychologically.

      I ask God everyday why am I going through so much pain, I’m only 28 and this is my third child (two miscarriages). My pastor told me to never give up on prayer, this is just a test if I don’t go through this then who must?

      I believe my situation has made me even stronger and more loving. I inspire other mommies who also have children with disabilities. My child is really special and a blessing from God. I love him so much irrespective of his disabilities, I will never give up nor lose hope. Our rising day will come, I trust in the Lord.
      #First the pain
      #Then the waiting
      #Then the rising

  15. rayleedaniels says:

    I am a New Mumbox member, and I am completely in awe of Every Newsletter I get From You!
    Whether it be Inspirational Letters, your Products that’s amazing, or Every Mum Out their sharing Their Struggles of Being a Parent.
    I am so Glad I got To Subscribe To Your Emails. Whether I get To be one of Your Lucky Winners or Not, Either way, I am Here to Stay.

  16. jbsangqu says:

    Thank you Mumbox for the inspiring story, just what i need as i’m going though the most. Pain is part of our journey, wow very profound.

    Done updated my profile.

  17. arizona.naicker says:

    Mum box, my profile and delivery details have been updated. Crossing my fingers and toes to be selected. I have even repented for all my sins so that only positive energy comes my way😂

  18. nozipho.mbandlwa says:

    As a mother who has had the mat pulled from under her and her children ,this article touched home.I must say that allowing myself to go through the pain and being honest with my children has brought us peace in the midst of our storm.

  19. mkhsletsie says:

    Thank you so much mumbox, this is the one massage I needed to hear, it came at the perfect time in my life where I needed some inspiration to remind myself that I am strong and I can do this.

  20. ntombenhlemaphosa23 says:

    Pain Taught me to be strong and being Strong was the only choice i had ,i still go on stronger everyday besides the pain ,i believe it gives me purpose to work harder and avoid the pain .Pain teaches us to be strong ,whilst underestimating yourself that u cannot do it wait until pain knocks at your door you will unleash all the capabilities you thot you dont have lolx …My profile is filled Thank you for the newsletter i always look dorward to these

  21. d.vdschyff says:

    That is inspiring, I feel like I also fail my kids daily and try to keep them from pain but its true looking at my own life pain only made me stronger and a better person. We must just keep encouraging them to be better. Love the article thank you!

  22. malgasmarciaphanduli says:

    Thank you MUMbox 😊
    Thank you for all the news letters even if I haven’t been chosen to test a product all the news letters have a lot of information. Thank you for the reviews and the newsletters.
    #Profile updated 😊😊😊

  23. kgotlelelo6prudence6 says:

    I’ve experienced pain as young girl always seeing my mom crying because of being physically abused by my dad .but today am a strong young woman .and my mom also endured the pain until she decided to move out .now she happy forgotten all the pain .indeed pain make us strong at the end.This price will be a bonus for me so that I can spoil my mom on her coming birthday

  24. michaelagoliath22 says:

    Checked and updated all my information.

    The article is really inspiring to all women if I may say so. Very powerful and motivating.

    Also a great depiction of how strong women are not just physically but on many levels.

  25. mathemba says:

    What a reminder that life will not always be rosy but we should go through pain as it is part of living. Thanks for the article and looking forward to being selected as a first time recipient of your products.

  26. jansevanvuuren.tanya says:

    I have completed it all! I am not a mom myself. But i am n 2nd mom to a lot of my friends kids…i love and teach them like they are my own. And that makes me understand a little bit more of what it means to be a mom! ♡

  27. pablomoleleki says:

    Thank you so much for such an inspirational article Mumbox, I’ve learnt that pain is not always meant to break you, but to make you stronger. I’ve sometimes felt like I can’t take it at all and I would break down everytime thinking that the pain is just too much and I’ve never looked at it like this, like how it strengthens me and makes me a more strong and courageous. Thanks so much. You have given me a new perception of life.❤ I will be crossing my fingers to win as this would be a bonus. I’ve already won Wisdom from your article and this prize would be a bonus😍😘

  28. makgabolindymaseko says:

    Mumbox this is a great initiative for some of us since we haven’t received anything. All checked and I’m praying that I get an opportunity to win this. Good luck to all mums ♥

  29. mcleanlynn213 says:

    Hi good morning Mumbox, I first of all want to say thank you I really appreciate this letter I’m really excited to be a member so I have checked that all 3 fields are filled and updated to be entered into the lucky draw.

  30. dineopn says:

    Thank you mombox for the words of encouragement and inspiration, this article says mouthfull about us as human beings. I confirm that everything is checked and up to date.

  31. lesleybgreen1308 says:

    All updated and confirmed, thank you Mumbox for such an insightful piece, living through the pain does make you stronger ❤️❤️ may we all continue to rise 💪💪

  32. refmabeba says:

    I’m glad that mumbox members who has never received anything are now given a chance to win this amazing prize and I’m excited to be one of them. I can therefore attest to first the pain, then the waiting, then the rising when I finally win. 🤍🙏💫

  33. srhmoima83 says:

    Wow the pain has really made me the strongest woman ever, i have always tried to protect my kids from pain especially my daughter i never wanted her to date because i felt she would be hurt

  34. nomsamasimula86 says:

    What a powerful and inspiring article, at times we need that reminder as Mums. Thank you Mubox the outlook on our daily lives will now change for the better. I hope I win this time 😁😁😁

    #MumBoxProfileandPhoto ✅
    #Delivery Address ✅
    #NewsletterSubscriptions ✅

  35. Tee says:

    This is something that crosses my mind so many times of how to raise one’s kids and if I’m doing a good job… thanks for making it clearer and putting it into perspective!!

  36. maredisue says:

    I am a Single Mom raising a 23 year Son on Autism Spectrum. I must say, he never recognizes the dangers around Him, hurting himself most of the time. I so wish I could take the pain away from Him, but yeah, this article was indeed an eye opener. Thank you for the article. And please, may I win this time🙏💕

  37. jane.lebyane says:

    “We are like caterpillars who jump out of the cocoon right before we would have turned into butterflies”.
    This made me think thoroughly…Wow

  38. mihlebooi0 says:

    Women are very strong. Mom’s go through the most but will still put a smile on their faces as if everything is okay especially around their kids.

    I lost my mother and had to raise my brother he is more like my baby now cause I do everything for him. I pray for him more than I pray for myself.

    I pray that all mom’s remain strong, courageous and caring and receive the same warm treatment they give out too.

  39. Chidochashe says:

    This post was meant for me,it spoke to me ,it showed me my wrongs that im busy thinking are my right ways of handling the pain and depressing moments im goinh though. I should learn to bear this pain whilst im waiting patiently for my rising only can I be a good example to my daughter.
    Thank you so much 💓

  40. says:

    Pain is part of our growing process.
    Without pain we would not grow, as painful as it is we must try and embrace it as part of the transformation.

  41. sannytster says:

    Because of pain we learn to understand life better and make better decisions towards life when one hasn’t experienced pain in their life, then there’s nothing they will learn. They always say we learn through hardship and difficult times call for better life.

  42. amanadkili says:

    This article came at the right time in my life, I’m literally going through it, Thank you for the reminder that after the pain comes the rainbow.
    *updated everything *

  43. rtnepfumembe says:

    What an article, thanks mumbox all is up to date with my profile. Looking forward for a test review. Though I missed out on the most fun ones I was yearning to test. Better luck on the next one.

  44. omegandelemane says:

    I needed to read this article at this very moment as I’m having a rough day. I came home and felt that I needed to PAX so that I could just sleep everything off but how when I have to get home to kids and with a smile on my face? I had to wear my big panties and pretend to be okay.

  45. Elishia says:

    Such an awesome read. And especially with failure, we often don’t like to talk about it and make ourselves feel like nothing will go right after but we have to believe that life’s lessons are learned at unexpected times and without failure, there won’t be any success.

  46. manyatizimkita says:

    I’m out of words the article is really an eye opener I have a lot of work to do in making my baby girl the person she’s ment yo be in life

    Thank you for the article


  47. manyatizimkita says:

    My profile has been updated I’ll really appreciate to be selected give away as I’ve never received any product to test

    Thank you


  48. singy.handile says:

    Mumbox is really teaching me a lot in these articles because I believe that there’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child and the entire family . THANKS MUMBOX XOXO

  49. leratostuur says:

    First the pain, then the waiting then the rising. Thank you Mumbox for such an eye opening message.
    Profile and photo ✅
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  50. jmancwe says:

    Great article as always I’m learning a lot since I I joined mumbox thank you very much for always giving us amazing articles.
    Mumbox Profile ✅
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    Newsletter subscription ✅

  51. sumayiamh says:

    Thank you Mumbox for this very informative and amazing article. It shows us how to react to situations and challenges. How amazing women are and no matter what situation we are put in, we always find ways to cope, sort out and solve. Our children need to cope with their own pain. They are strong and will always remain strong because their mum’s are strong.

  52. keabetswephetoe1 says:

    “The problem is when we transport ourselves out of feeling pain, or failure, we miss out on the transformation ” this is such a profound statement because we do not allow ourselves to feel every emotion, the sooner we feel the sooner we can heal.

  53. michellen says:

    Thank you for all the interesting articles…………..very enlightening. Proud to be a “Woman among all the strong Women of today”. We are survivors & always
    will be.
    All in details in order. Thank u.

  54. Ntombenani says:

    I’ve never received test and reviews products, I would love to win this giveaway
    1.Profile and picture uploaded.
    2.Delivery Address correct
    3.Subscribed to receive newsletters

  55. Hope says:

    Wow,what an article,First the pain,then the waiting and then the rising…i can relate to this…it happened to me.

    I always share my life story with people who come across with what happened to me…

    MY PAIN pain was….when i get married i was a virgin and when we plan to have our first baby i went to see gynocogist for general tests and Dr said i wont be able to have children because i have fibroids…”that was my first pain.😭

    Ohk as times goes goes i fell pregnant and i had a miscourage😭-my second pain.

    It was not easy for me people tried to talk to me but to tell you the truth it was a struggle.i never felt a pain in my life like the pain i felt when i loose my first child.

    MY WAITING was….Before i got pregnant again it took 4 years for me to conceive and i was not using any contraceptive…its because i made peace with my mind that i wont have children indeed because Dr confirmed and i was calm.

    THEN MY RISING…during my waiting i stood up and told my self that you know what” theres nothing i can do.children comes from God.if i dont get children then its God plans. And during that time i felf pregnant again and now i have 2 beautiful kids.🤩

    Thank you so much MUMbox for this article,so motivating👏

  56. leenmagama says:

    At times i feel like a failure but thanx to this article i feel different it really has changed my way of thinking .The only different thing is i knew pain before i became a mother and im so scared for my kids to go through the pain i experienced but i guess thats what made me the great mom iam today .
    Thank you for this article

  57. loicetalent says:

    Such an amazing article. I don’t like being in pain but as a mum I have to be strong. Thank you so much I have learnt a lot from this article

  58. Mrs says:

    Hello mumbox.. Pain for a woman is a must, we go through so much but stronger we get. Want the best for our kids.🥰
    Always first the pain
    Then the waiting
    Then the rising

  59. flaandorp says:

    Oh, I have been going through the pain and prefer to see it through because that is what made me the person that I am today and I never stop learning and learning more about myself. The pain has allowed me to see life and everything inbetween with different eyes. It has allowed me to be the best mom for my kids, during their worst moments.

    I would also think that I have failed them and not know what else to do, but realised that this is how they will grow and become more wise with my guidance.

    I am only human and I go through my own feelings, but I get out of it and keep my head high and take life on with both hands and feet.

  60. dlangatee-8326 says:

    Thank you MUMbox for the beautiful article .I have learn from it .My insight are rase your kids to live their life to understand the challenges that come with life .I as parent I should guide my kids ,teach them to be the best people they can be ,with respect.The pain is life and it cannot be taken by parents from our kids as every human being should experience the pain because that is the gift of life.thanks

  61. mastweeh says:

    I agree with the article, being a mom is not easy, however, one day when our children get older we will benefit from what we are sowing in their lives.

  62. ncebahlongwane32 says:

    incredible article. First the pain, then the waiting then the rising! wow! This article was inspirational. I will definitely have to use my pain and turn it into power. We all go through pain but it’s how we transform it to better our lives that matters! #ourcourage #power #mumbox

  63. lungelo.msimbi says:

    Everything checked
    Mumbox profile (checked)
    Mumbox delivery address (checked)
    Mumbox Newsletter (checked)

    I’ve learnt so much about this article especially in terms of pain and how to deal with it because we have gone through so much that we end up in depression and anxiety always on another level due to us not knowing how to deal with our daily problems as mothers. We appreciate such article so we can do better in raising our future doctors, lawyers, president and so forth… Thank you so much ❤

  64. nolwazitshabalala123 says:

    Everything filled in any updated as suggested and requested.. Fingers crossed. 😊 so much #Mumbox for those opportunity and for allowing me to be part of yourself family. Looking forward to move information about products and to taking part in your activities

  65. paidamoyojera says:

    There are times when you feel completely uses and think you are a failure maybe because you could not provide for the family or kids. Yes life does not cone with a manual stand tall mommy, give your self a pat at the back for bringing those kids to the world and do your absolute best.

  66. gfleppan says:

    Wow, what an eye-opening article!! “I am afraid of pain, but I am made for pain”. Thank you mumbox for this uplifting article. My outlook on life has now forever been changed for the better.

  67. Catherine says:

    Thank you mumbox for always giving us such amazing articles to read and re affirm how amazing us women are no matter if we are a mother or not.

  68. Nosibusiso says:

    This article has given me some other perspective to look at how I react when faced with such a challenge, it’s not going to be easy as i’m a over protective Mom when it came to my kids I don’t want them to feel any pain, but that’s going to change for sure, Thanks Mum box.

  69. Shelley says:

    Absolutely amazing article! What a profound concept. I can relate to every word written here. Thank you for a wonderful platform Mumbox! I do hope that the next half of this year is a Blessed one for all