Stay Away From Negative People

There’s a saying that goes “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution”.

This doesn’t mean you show no compassion towards others. Live with compassion, live with empathy and put yourself in others’ shoes as this is a standard practice of being a decent human being.

The quote points out that you should always limit your time with people that continually drain your energy and add no value to your life.

Negative people are usually very committed to being negative and the more you push them to be anything else the more they will push back.

If your attempts to lift someone out of negativity are unsuccessful you have to move on because they will get to a better place when they’re ready – no one will get there if they’re not ready.

Whether they are pushed or not – there are no accidents – everyone comes into your life for a reason, a lesson, or a blessing.

Will Smith once said “Don’t chase people. Just be yourself. Do your own thing and work hard. The right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you and stay.”

The people in your life should be reducing your stress not causing more of it.

If you consider yourself to be a positive person and you want to live your best life then you need to surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about being yourself.

Just like weightlifting – if you focus on getting one body part stronger and you put all your energy and effort into that one muscle group it will get stronger. If you put all your energy into negative people your life will be negative. Do not let them suck your energy, keep your focus

on what is good and you will see more good.

Who you spend your time with by choice will consume you. Your friends and peer group are a great reflection of you because you chose them. Choose wisely.

You at the deepest level – are not YOU plus someone else. You are YOU – your soul is not owned or attached to another.

If someone made you feel unworthy, if they took the life out of you, for a moment they showed you that no one can ever take all the light from you. Long-term they gave you strength and character and they expanded your heart. If they were unkind it shows the lack of love they

had in their life – they showed you what not to do and gave you two great gifts: kindness and compassion.

Whatever they did you don’t let them stop you from being you, from loving and living life fully. Don’t let one person or two or three-stop you from becoming your greatest self.

You’re more than one of them, you’re more than what one person has done to you.

Use whatever happened to your advantage. Don’t let them win by holding on, let their toxic energy stay with them and release it from your life. Say thank you. Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the blessings, and thank you for the strength to move on to let them go for good.

If you have negative people in your life let this be your daily affirmation as you work towards freeing yourself from negativity:

  • I am grateful for all those difficult people because they have shown me exactly who I do not want to be.
  • I am grateful for every single person who has come into my life, every person who has shaped my life.
  • Those who came to teach lessons and are real blessings.
  • They were all as important as each other as they all shaped who I am today.
  • Now I am wise enough to decide who will stay, who I must distance myself from, who adds value and who takes it away.

Mums, how are you feeling after reading this? Do you have negative people in your life who are bringing you down? 

Comment below to let us know x

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126 thoughts on “Stay Away From Negative People

  1. nicolinelouw1601 says:

    The deepest level of emotional stability lies in the choices that you make and I am so glad that I am a healthier mom and showing my kids a better an more healthy lifestyle by avoiding being suck into negativity from others. Other people shouldn’t influence your well being. I chose to be more emotional healthy

  2. Shabnam says:

    Simply love this article.Thank you for the solid advice. I can relate to every word penned in this article. I wish more people can read it. Awesome motivation.

    • gloriamwelase9 says:

      Negative people are usually very committed to being negative and the more you push them to be anything else the more they will push back. Very good article 👌

      • josephinehendricks401 says:

        This is a good article. Negativity tend to pull you down. Surround yourself with positivity and you will always have a happy outlook on life. Happiness is very important.

    • saneh.lembede says:

      Yes to be successful in life you need to cut off negative people because even you doing what’s right but if your support comes from negative people you end up not knowing what to do just trust yourself and what you believe in

  3. MAPS says:

    I do have friends who made me feel like my life is so unormal but then i realised later that they themselves are struggling with negetavity , then at the moment i choose to keep a distance and only sent a Hi message when i feel like it , before i used to feel bad about it ,they say wisdom comes with age i agree.

  4. Mrs says:

    Very good point, doing with negative people makes you to look the world with negativity, and it kills your moral as well as your self confidence. I try my best to run away from negative people.

  5. Always Alyssa says:

    Very good article. I have printed the daily affirmation and will definitely read it loud every morning. This is a good motivator and positive thinking!!